Get Your Home & Decor Store Ready For 2023 With These Top Themes

Ellie Ho
Jun 7, 2024
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Every successful online store starts with a great theme. The one that compliments your brand, performs well and is designed for your industry. If you want to build a new Shopify home & decor store or redesign your current website for a conversion boost, then read on!

We’ll let you know what you should be on the lookout for in a home & decor Shopify theme, and give you a rundown of the best Shopify themes for home & decor stores.

What To Look For In A Shopify Theme For Home & Decor Stores

For your home & decor store to take off, there are a few features you need to keep your eyes peeled for in a theme.

best shopify themes for home and decor store | Miolé Home product tiles reviews

Large image tiles and customer reviews are a key feature of Miolé Home.

As the goal here is to convince shoppers to adorn their homes with your products, it’s important that the theme you choose supports rich media. This should be in terms of large image tiles, product videos, and image zoom. This will help your customers gain a complete picture of your products and get a real feel for how they will look in their homes. The ability to provide extensive product details will too help you give this to shoppers.

Color swatches are another feature your home & decor store can’t do without. According to Baymard, they are a key purchasing decision for many users when shopping in industries like home furnishings. Color swatches are a win for home decor because they get an instant, visual stimulus of whether the texture or shade that matches their home is available. It also reduces the number of clicks a user needs to take to decide. Anything that reduces clicks is a huge tick!

Product reviews and testimonials also need to be ingrained into the theme you choose. Reviews help to establish trust in your brand, boost credibility, and increase purchasing confidence. These are especially important if you’re selling high-ticket home furnishings like sofas or kitchen dining sets.

Stores with high-priced and more complex items would greatly benefit from product comparisons built into the theme. Mega menus are a must if you have a large and complex product inventory. And all stores need a theme that’s easily customizable and speedy.

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Best Shopify Themes For Home & Decor Stores

The Shopify themes landscape is vast and that can make it really hard to know which ones are worth your time. We’ve done the hard work for you and found the best home decor themes for all budgets and store sizes.

craft shopify theme | best themes for home and decor store

Craft: Best Free Theme

Standout features:

  • Large media tiles
  • Quick set up
  • Product reviews

Craft is a clean and elegant theme with plenty of white space to help your products stand out. You’ll find lots of large media tiles, including ones for product videos, making it the perfect theme for visual storytelling.

Shoppers will also be able to peer into every nook and cranny of your products with image zoom and image rollover. You’ll also be able to instill confidence in visitors to your store with product reviews built right in.

It’s clear that this theme was made with home furnishing sellers in mind. On the product page, you can add the dimensions of the items, materials used, and care instructions. These are signified with super cute iconography.

While the Craft theme is lacking color swatches, you can still reduce the friction towards a purchasing decision with quick view. The theme also includes size charts which will be a world of help for home decor shoppers.

You’ll be able to get your home & decor store up and running in no time as there are several pre-configured templates. If you want to make any tweaks, it won’t be a problem. The theme is flexible and customizable without special coding.

Some other notable features include a mega menu, promo banners, and product recommendations.

Empire: Best For Large Product Catalogs

Price: $340

Standout features:

  • Mega menu
  • Color swatches
  • Extensive promotions features
empire shopify theme | top themes for home and decor stores on shopify

Empire is an excellent theme for merchants with an extensive and complex product catalog. The design of this theme takes cues from marketplaces like Amazon to enhance product discovery, and ultimately, increase conversions.

The navigation is designed to make browsing large stores easy. A mega menu helps shoppers find their way, breadcrumbs show them where they are, and they can search within specific categories. Product discovery is enhanced with recommendations, recently viewed blocks, and color swatches.

There are some decent filtering options including a price range box and a few product tags. However, if you have an extensive catalog of specialty products, you’ll likely need a more flexible solution. Boost Product Filter & Search can create filters for virtually anything, as well as bring smart search to your Shopify store.

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The theme comes with 4 templates, each tailored to different aspects of the home & decor industry. For example, Supply is attuned to kitchenware whereas Graphic is suited to home furnishings stores. These templates are excellent pre-built layout options for you to build your own collections, sub-collections, and product pages. These are all easily customizable.

the modern shop using empire shopify theme in their store

The Modern Shop is able to draw attention to sale items with badges.

Empire is great if your home decor store runs regular promotions. This Shopify theme includes in-menu promotions, product badges, promo tiles, a countdown timer, and promo banners to draw attention to offers and sales in your store.

Other features worth mentioning are EU translations, shoppable lookbook images, product videos, and a store locator.

Warehouse: Best For Customizations

warehouse theme for shopify home and decor store

Price: $320

Standout features:

  • Easily customizable
  • Good promotions features
  • Fast performance

Another good theme for large Shopify stores is Warehouse. The collections pages are built to organize, present, and filter catalogs with 1000s of products. It’s also built for speed, so you can still have lightning-fast load times even with tons of products.

The Warehouse Shopify theme has a contemporary look and feel to it. All 3 theme layouts have a large hero banner slideshow, a featured collection block, and a brand logos block. Collection pages include recently viewed items and have some basic filtering and sorting options.

tefal using warehouse shopify theme to optimize shopping experience

Reviews, image rollover, and stock counter on the Tefal store.

Head over to the product pages and you’ll find color swatches, star ratings, and reviews to help shoppers make an informed decision in an instant. There are also social sharing options here and product recommendations.

If you have a particular design and layout in mind for your store, Warehouse makes it easy to customize. The layouts are highly versatile, allowing you to add custom settings without any coding. This enables you to create a unique display of your products, content, metafields, and more.

This theme also includes EU translations, sales badges, promo banners, in-menu promos, product videos, image zoom, and rollover.

Superstore: Best For Dropshippers

Price: $320

Standout features:

  • Warehouse Club integration
  • Supports high-volume stores
  • Fast performance
superstore theme for shopify

Superstore is a theme created by the highly skilled Out Of The Sandbox team. This Shopify theme is specifically made for dropshippers with a high volume of transactions and products. Stores in this situation will love the infinite scroll feature for frictionless browsing, the multi-column mega menu that supports collections and subcollections, and breadcrumbs.

The Interior pre-set is the option designed for home decor stores, specifically for wholesalers. The theme integrates with Wholesale Club, giving you the power to easily offer wholesale pricing on Shopify. There are also some great promotions capabilities, allowing you to build eye-catching promotions for products that are part of a sale, for discounts, and to highlight particular products.

You can also be sure that your home decor store will have top-class performance thanks to speed-boosting features like Turbolinks, lazy loading, and minified JS. Other universally awesome features include customer reviews, product videos, recommendations, swatches, and sales badges.

Turbo: Best For Speed

Price: $425

Standout features:

  • Unrivaled speed and performance
  • Rich visuals
  • Mega menu

Our final recommendation once again comes from Out Of The Sandbox. As the name suggests, Turbo is an ultra-fast theme suited to the expectations of modern shoppers.

turbo shopify theme for home and decor stores

One of the keys behind the theme’s speed is smart page preloading. It’s able to predict the page a user is likely to click on next and will begin loading it in the background. So, by the time they click on it, it’s already partially or even completely loaded.

You can choose from two speed settings. The one you should go for will depend on the apps you’re using and whether you have custom coding. The Ludacris performance setting fully equips your store with Turbo’s speed-enhancing features. However, some third-party or custom code may experience technical difficulties with it. Sports mode offers all of the same performance-enhancing techniques used in Ludicrous except page for page preloading. This should prevent apps from conflicting with the theme.

The Turbo experience is also replicated on mobile devices.

real store using warehouse theme

The huge hero gallery on the homepage helps products shine on Myakka's store.

Turbo is packed with stunning visuals, such as a large hero image, homepage galleries, product row sliders, and full-width image sections with multiple action buttons. It's perfect for highlighting specific products on your homepage or in the menu. You'll also get plenty of flexibility right out of the box on product pages. Plus, you can add CSS customizations within the Theme Editor to further customize your site.

We should also mention that this Shopify theme includes a mega menu with multi-column submenus, an interactive mini cart, quick shop, product suggestions, newsletter pop-ups, and infinite scrolling.

Wrapping Up

Finding the right theme for your Shopify store is no walk in the park. But when you know what features are non-negotiable for your industry and business situation, you’ll find the perfect fit.

Home & decor stores need rich media, plenty of space for product details, reviews, color swatches, and fast performance. The themes we’ve suggested come with these features and are completely compatible with Boost Product Filter & Search. So you’ll be able to build a home & decor store that provides a top-notch experience for your customers.

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