4 Tips To Prep For Year-end Sales With Boost's Analytics

Ellie Ho
Jun 7, 2024
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Updated in Oct 2023.

Since its release in early 2021, the Analytics feature of Boost AI Search & Discovery by Boost Commerce has been a reliable source for customer insights and data-driven strategies. As the biggest sales of the year-end season are fast approaching, these data are of great help for you to have a special setup to boost your conversion.

After Boost 3.0: AI-powered was released, the Analytics dashboard was taken to another level with additional App Impact and Recommendation reports.

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Here are some suggestions on how to combine the insights you get from the Analytics dashboard with other features that Boost’s app offers. We’ll add the best practices of our users so you can have a better idea of how things work.

Want to know what kind of metrics are shown in the Analytics dashboard? Check it out here.

Tip #1: Optimize website navigation with Collection Analytics

In the Collection Analytics tab, we provide “Total filter clicks” (in total and per specific collection) and “Top filter option value” (per specific collection). Therefore, you can spot which collections customers are more engaged and interact with and which ones don't get a lot of attention. This is a great insight to help redesign the navigation menu.

As it is the most discussed design element in relation to user engagement, you would want to show the most preferred collections on the navigation bar. Furthermore, so as not to clutter your homepage and overwhelm your customers with too many options, collections that don't get many clicks should be hidden in a dropdown using the hover effect.

Tip #2: Use “Top filter option values” to rearrange the filter tree

“Top filter option values” compiles a list of the most favored product attributes that shoppers use to narrow down the product list. By looking at the list, you'll know which aspects of your offerings are the most attractive from the customers' point of view.

If you have multiple values for that filter option, it's an excellent idea to put the top clicked values in the first place. This is how Protein Package utilizes the app for a better shopping experience. George Greenhill, the founder of this online store shared with us: “Looking at our filter clicks, we can see users are selecting dietary requirements, product types, and the stock status so that any products out of stock are hidden from view. This might be because within our Pick and Mix, due to the sheer number of products, we can get various flavors out of stock so this feature is an easy way to exclude any items they can’t order currently.”

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(Source: Protein Package)

Tip #3: Leverage sales for “Top search terms” with Merchandising and Suggestion dictionary

If you want to know what are the most looked-for products on your store, have a look at the “Top search terms” metric. It records all the keywords customers type in the search bar and shows you the phrases that are entered the most. These are highly likely your best-selling items, so you need to grasp any chance to boost sales from them. Moreover, when carefully checking the “Top search terms" within a certain timeframe, you can easily spot trends or spikes in certain areas to exploit in your upcoming marketing campaigns.

For example, BFCM is just around the corner and Protein Package has noticed that most people simply search “Black Friday”. Hence, they created redirects for this search term and its synonyms such as “BF” to route shoppers to the Black Friday promotion collection. To make “Black Friday Sale" even more tempting and outstanding, they added this phrase as high priority in the Suggestion dictionary. Doing so will funnel more customers to this page even if their initial search idea started as something different.

protein package prep for bfcm | filter and search analytics | shopify filter | shopify search

Protein Package has some special settings for the upcoming BFCM.

Merchandising is another option Boost users frequently use to bring hot selling items to the top of the search result page. You can choose to promote a specific product with Product ranking or rearrange the orders of a group using Ruled-based merchandising. There is also a time setting for the promotion so you can be sure it will align with your campaign without checking in and out of the app all the time.

Tip #4: Uncover hidden demand with “Top search terms with no result”

As a business that offers hundreds of brands, Protein Package is always on the lookout for the next big brand or new release. And they look no further than “Top search terms with no result" metrics for inspiration. The chances are if customers are searching for a particular product but get no results, it might be a good idea to consider stocking it. After reviewing the data for many months, Protein Package found out Per4m, GFuel, and C4 were new brands to take on and begin stocking, all of which are scheduled to launch in the coming months.

protein package using boost analytics for market development | filter and search analytics | shopify filter | shopify search

The analytics feature of Boost AI Search & Discovery has inspired Protein Package with new ideas for market development.

“Top search terms with no results" also presents opportunities for searches you can add Synonyms for so there are fewer cases of “No products found". Or you can spot any discontinued products that customers still would like to purchase from you if they could. Then you may consider restocking or adding suitable suggestions for “No search result" so shoppers will stay on your site for longer.

Winter is coming

The biggest sales of the year are coming. We hope that these best practices with our Analytics feature give you useful ideas for your preparation.

If you want to share with us how you are utilizing this report and the app as a whole, don't hesitate to reach out to us via support@boostcommerce.net or our social accounts on Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin.

We wish you a brilliant sales season!

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