Boost Product Filter & Search 2.0: Modern UI/UX with new settings

Ellie Ho
Jun 7, 2024
3 min read

Users of Boost Product Filter & Search app are getting a brand new interface (UI) design with countless improvements in user experience (UX) and powerful feature innovations. A complete re-design from head to toe has been made to the Dashboard, with the purpose to increase the work efficiency of users. On the other hand, our site search is now accompanied with a new Instant Search display settings and other power-ups, including the Suggestion dictionary and Redirects features.

Update: Boost has added many new features to our Shopify app, check out the announcement here!

Summary of all the good things that have been added to Product Filter & Search by Boost Commerce:

  • Enhance Shopify search with Synonyms, Stop words, and Merchandising
  • Analytics reports for filter and site search usage with Ignore IPs for more accurate results
  • Product visibility helps you hide irrelevant and outdated products in search and collections
  • Custom range sliders can turn all numeric values (not only price) into slide filters
  • Add custom images for swatch filter using Swatch settings
  • More control with Sync process thanks to Sync schedule and Selective Sync
  • Release and continually update tutorial video series on Youtube
  • New Filter option: Filter by Inventory Locations
  • Update Quick view and Cart settings so shoppers can enjoy seamless experience

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What’s new?

boost product filter search v2 admin dashboard

UI renovation

We’re glad to introduce to you the brand new app interface (UI), designed to better match with the Shopify Polaris system. It replaces the outdated look from toe to bottom, guaranteed to bring you a refreshing experience.

boost product filter search v2 ui renovation

Admin dashboard

Welcome to the new Admin Dashboard!

A completely renovated modern look Dashboard with the most useful overall statuses, shortcuts, and guides for you to manage the site's navigation with utmost efficiency. We have added several novel designs to elevate user experience but managed to keep the total journey seamless with the Shopify Polaris system.

boost product filter search v2 new ui admin

Product filter management

Creating a product filter has never been more convenient! Besides multiple UX updates, you can preview as you create to visualize the final product filter outcome. Styling and other product filter settings are available at the tip of your finger, for whenever you need to modify filter and collection layout settings.

boost product filter search v2 product filter management

Theme setup & filter layout settings

The statuses of installed themes are now available for an easy bird-eye view on the theme's publishing activities. With just one click, you can now switch the product filter's layout from vertical to horizontal and vice versa. The process becomes much more efficient!

boost product filter search v2 theme setup filter layout settings


All third-party integrated apps are supported with clear instructions provided with the hovering over the tooltip icon (i). Should you have any special requirements, you can quickly contact our worldwide support team and we will log your request right away.

boost product filter search v2 integrations

Search suggestion dictionary

Instant Search Suggestion is now even more flexible with the Suggestion dictionary to dictate and re-organize the priorities of suggestion terms for better search results that lead to sales.

boost product filter search v2 redirects

Meanwhile, the feature named “Search redirects” can take your customer to another page or introduce them to more shopping choices when they search for a keyword.


  • Which plan includes these new features?

The new features are available for all plans.

  • Do I have to prepare anything to get this new app update?

We update the new app for all of our current users and those that are about to install it from the Shopify app store. You won't have to do anything; just sit back, relax, and enjoy the new sleek app we've been working on.

  • Will the price change?

No, the price for the current app's subscription plan will not change. Please see the current fee & subscription guides here.

What's next?

We're working on several advanced features related to our search and product merchandising in 2020. Stay tuned for more great things!

Ellie Ho
Content Marketing Specialist
June 25, 2024
6 min read