Boost Updates In Q1/24: Semantic Search, Test Your Search & More To Empower Your Site Search

Doki Nguyen
Jun 14, 2024
3 min read

Welcome to Boost AI Search & Discovery feature update roundup in the first quarter 2024!

From product performance ranking to improved search functionalities, we have the most-wanted updates designed to optimize your store's performance and profitability. As usual, our updates help you drive more sales, boost customer engagement, and deliver a seamless shopping experience.

Don't miss out on Boost's new updates - Let's dive in!

✨ In the spotlight

1. Semantic Search

Let us introduce your next favorite new feature: Semantic Search. Semantic Search is the advanced data retrieval methodthat understands the true intent and context behind search queries.

This new feature benefits both shoppers and store merchants, revolutionizing product discovery and enhancing the overall shopping experience.

For shoppers, Semantic Search means effortlessly finding relevant products that match their intent, saving time and ensuring a more enjoyable shopping journey. Say goodbye to irrelevant search results and welcome a smoother, more satisfying experience.

For store merchants, Semantic Search offers the power to gain a deeper understanding of shoppers' intent and amplify the visibility of products. By presenting customers with precisely what they're looking for, conversion rates receive a noticeable boost, ultimately leading to increased revenue.


What Semantic Search feature will benefit your store?

  • Results Aligned with Intent: Shoppers will receive search results that align with their actual intent, even when using natural language queries.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Bid farewell to irrelevant or empty search outcomes, as Semantic Search provides a seamless and gratifying shopping experience.
  • Increased Conversion Rates: By presenting customers with precisely what they're looking for, you'll witness a significant lift in conversion rates.
  • Versatility Across Industries: Our Semantic Search feature adapts to various industries and niches, making it a versatile solution for any type of online store.

Discover how Semantic Search leverages your site's sales!

semantic search conversions

Since the rollout of this feature, we have witnessed remarkable enhancements in our eCommerce performance. By comparing key metrics between the pre-launch and post-launch periods, we saw a significant impact:

“Our Click-Through Rate (CTR) surged by an impressive 32.66%, from 3.51% to 4.67%, indicating more effective engagement with search results. Additionally, the Conversion Rate (CR) experienced a noteworthy increase of 11.51%, rising from 1.017% to 1.198%, demonstrating higher purchase intentions among users.”

Jamie, Product Manager

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2. Test Your Search - Preview search settings in app admin

We recognize the challenges and time-consuming nature of the search configuration process. To streamline and expedite this process, we've introduced the Test Your Search feature.

Now, you can easily test product searches without navigating between settings and the storefront. Say goodbye to unnecessary time spent on result-testing. Enhance your search engine efficiently with our convenient "Test Your Search" option, available in the Search drop-down feature list.


Test Your Search in our Boost app


Example of Test Your Search feature

With this preview tool, you can now pre-check and validate how your search queries are processed after making updates or creating new rules, giving you the confidence that your rules are correctly applied.

How Test Your Search benefit you?

  • Effortless Settings Review: Quickly and conveniently review your search settings to understand how the applied rules and merchandising impact a specific search term. Gain valuable insights into how your strategies are being implemented.
  • Validate Search Results: By previewing the search query, you can ensure that the applied rules and settings produce the desired outcomes. Identify any discrepancies and make necessary adjustments for optimal performance.
  • Streamlined Optimization: Test Your Search allows you to fine-tune your settings in real time, ensuring that your search and merchandising efforts align with your objectives. Maximize the effectiveness of your strategies.

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3. Product Performance Ranking for Search

Product Performance Ranking in Search

Product Performance Ranking in Merchandising

Product Performance Ranking in Merchandising

Imagine a search engine that effortlessly prioritizes your top-performing products and considers shopper behavior to deliver optimal search results. With our new AI-fueled Product Performance Ranking feature, you can now witness a significant boost in sales and overall profitability.

This powerful update dynamically adjusts the order of product retrieval, optimizing your store's click-through rate (CTR) and conversion rate (CVR) for maximum impact.

Benefiting both online merchants and shoppers, this feature offers:

  • Automatic Re-ranking: Watch as your product items are automatically repositioned within search results based on specified criteria that directly impact their performance.
  • Granular Control: Enjoy the flexibility of selectively enabling or disabling the re-ranking feature for specific search terms through our intuitive Merchandising interface.

Why wait? Experience the power of AI-driven product performance ranking to elevate your sales, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive remarkable profitability.

💭Other updates

Improved Search Feature on Storefront

Searching for products on the storefront is now easier and more efficient with our improved search feature. The previous instant search widget's limitations affected user experience and store owners' success. However, we've addressed these issues with the latest update and introduced several enhancements.

Hand-picked Products Recommendations on Home page, Collection page, and Cart page

Based on customer feedback, we are excited to introduce the Hand-Picked Products widget for the Home, Collection, and Cart pages. This highly requested feature allows users to add and customize hand-picked product recommendations, providing a personalized touch to enhance the browsing and shopping experience.

What you’ll get from this update?

  • Curated Recommendations: Hand-select and showcase specific products on the Home, Collection, and Cart pages, offering tailored suggestions to customers based on their preferences and browsing history.
  • Increased Engagement and Conversion: By presenting customers with personalized recommendations, you can capture their attention, increase their time spent on the pages, and boost conversion rates.
  • Customization Flexibility: Set up and configure the Hand-Picked Products widget to align with your branding and merchandising strategies, ensuring seamless integration with your store's aesthetics.

Streamlined App Menu

Navigating our app is now even more intuitive and user-friendly with the introduction of the new app menu. We've restructured the menu to highlight the most important features and grouped settings together for easier access and management.

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That’s a wrap!

We encourage you to take advantage of these new features, and as always, we eagerly await your valuable feedback.

Doki Nguyen
Content Marketing Specialist
July 1, 2024
7 min read