Top eCommerce Fashion Trends To Boost Your Apparel & Clothing Sales In Holiday Season

Doki Nguyen
Jun 14, 2024
3 min read

What to sell and how to boost sales during the holiday season is always the top-of-mind question for many eCommerce fashion retailers. Especially for the apparel and clothing niche, one of the most money-generating niches during the holiday shopping frenzy.

The fashion industry thrives on change, with new trends emerging every season. Just like the constant transformations in a fashion retailer's fitting rooms, there are numerous eCommerce fashion trends you should keep an eye on to drive sales up in your clothing and apparel store this holiday season.

Let’s check out what’s hot and what’s not!

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eCommerce fashion trends: What apparel products are customers buying?

When it comes to the look, now is the time people value simplicity and comfort.

Hence, it’s no big surprise that casual and athletic clothes are the top trending items among fashion lovers.


Source: PowerReviews

Did you know?

Athleisure, the trendy fusion of athletic and leisurewear, is a popular fashion trend for spring and summer 2023. It allows you to stay stylish and comfortable simultaneously.

If you’ve ever found yourself being amazed by the growth of women wearing leggings and sports bras in their everyday attire and sharing them on social media, you've probably been exposed to the athleisure industry.

This trend is gaining popularity among both men and women, thanks to the growing influence of active lifestyles and flexible work environments.

You may have seen different athleisure outfits on the street, such as yoga pants, hoodies, sneakers, leggings, etc.

How to boost sales this holiday season with athleisure?

Focus on the material and design of your apparel. Also, statistics show that women dominated the athleisure niche, with a share of more than 41.15% in 2022. Hence, you may want to target this customer’s demographic.

Let’s not forget that branded athleisure wear holds a special place in the hearts of approximately 60% of teenagers.

Gen Z has a clear preference for sporting recognizable logos and labels while rocking their comfortable and stylish outfits.

Trending right now: Genderless (gender-fluid) fashion

You may know about this already: fashion brands have officially approved the new category for Unisex/nonbinary clothing.

As gender roles fade into the background, so too do the traditional fashion identities of men and women, as they meld and blur together in a harmonious fashion symphony.


Source: Statista

Gen-Z shoppers, with a whopping spending power of over 140 billion dollars, are breaking free from traditional gendered fashion boundaries. Approximately 56% of them are exploring shopping options outside of their designated gender categories.

This shift is further validated by the fact that searches for "genderless fashion" have witnessed a significant 52% increase.

These statistics highlight the growing demand for fashion that transcends traditional gender norms and emphasizes inclusivity.

How to boost sales this holiday season with genderless fashion trend?

To cater to this evolving consumer mindset, online fashion retailers should consider offering gender-neutral or genderless fashion options to capture this influential market segment and tap into their considerable purchasing power.

Here are some ideas to test on your online clothing store:

  • Promoting your new seasonal collections with both men and women models
  • Making same-size and same-design collections which are available in both Men’s and Women’s options
  • Be creative and encourage self-expression through your collections instead of focusing on gender differences
  • Collaborate with influencers or social KOLs who embrace the genderless fashion movement

By embracing inclusivity and breaking away from gendered fashion constraints, retailers can create a more inclusive and forward-thinking brand image, attracting Gen-Z consumers and driving sales growth.

Fashion lovers now choose brands with sustainability & eco-friendliness

The unpredictable changes in weather patterns and the rise of unseasonal conditions have had a significant impact on nowadays fashion lovers’ behaviors.

As a result, there has been a notable shift towards more affordable, sustainable, and comfortable fashion choices.

The demand for sustainable shopping practices extends beyond just the TikTok generation; it encompasses a wide range of consumer demographics.

A significant number of fashion consumers, approximately 65%, express genuine concern for the environment and prioritize sustainability in their purchasing decisions.


Reformation is certified carbon-neutral.

Many online fashion brands are going environmentally friendly, cutting down carbon waste, and fostering re-commerce… in an effort to become more sustainable.

How can your online fashion store take action right now?

Proudly put up those “SUSTAINABLE” or “ECOFRIENDLY” badges on your apparel and clothing store if you:

  • Offer plant-based leather alternatives as a sustainable and cruelty-free option for customers
  • Prioritize natural, sustainable, and recyclable fabrics in your clothing selection to appeal to eco-conscious shoppers
  • Embrace the popularity of second-hand clothing by dedicating a significant portion of your inventory to pre-owned items, attracting cost-conscious and environmentally aware customers
  • Provide detailed information about the sustainability of your supply chains, showcasing transparency and ethical practices to build trust with customers who prioritize sustainability

Note: Be GENUINE with your sustainability commitment. Do not hang a Sustainable sign on your store if you’re not. Your shoppers are no fools. They have zero tolerance for being deceived, whether it's a brand compromising on quality or falsely claiming to be sustainable.

Other best practices to apply on your site:

  • Provide transparent product descriptions: Show clear and detailed product descriptions that inform customers about the materials and production processes used in each item.
  • Dedicate a section for sustainability: Create dedicated sections on your website that feature sustainable and eco-friendly fashion options.
  • Practice eco-packaging: Implement eco-friendly packaging solutions, such as using recycled or biodegradable materials, to reduce waste and enhance your brand's sustainability image.
  • Allow donation or recycling programs: Establish initiatives that allow your shoppers to donate or recycle their old clothing items.

Resale and Re-commerce are the new Shopping With Style

Hold onto your pre-loved items in your closet because the global obsession with second-hand fashion is taking the world by storm!

What is re-commerce?

Re-commerce stands for “reverse commerce,” a thriving trend in the retail industry, and refers to the buying and selling of pre-owned or used products. It has gained significant traction in recent years due to its environmental and economic benefits.

Who are the main buyers in re-commerce?

Again, Gen Z - your new buying force.

Gen Z's love for thrifting and commitment to sustainability has sparked this remarkable trend.


Allbirds, with their smart and flexible sustainability policies on ReRun

How to boost sales this holiday season with re-commerce?

By diving into resale, you not only cater to Gen Z's preferences but also foster their loyalty and open up new revenue streams. It’s a brand-new opportunity to grow sales!

💡 In the upcoming holiday season, you can try a re-commerce service on your online fashion store, such as trade-in or buyback (like what Allbirds does above).

  • Trade-in for upgrade: Encourage your customers to trade in their old or unused products in exchange for credit towards a new purchase.
  • Buyback guarantee: Assure your shoppers that you'll buy back their purchased items at a certain percentage of the original price within a specified time frame. This gives them peace of mind and encourages them to buy from your store.

It's a strategic move where fashion meets sustainability, allowing retailers to connect with their audience on a deeper level while reaping the benefits of this booming trend.

So, let’s get ready to ride the resale wave and make a stylish, eco-friendly statement that resonates with the next generation of shoppers.

It’s show time!

Ride with these growing trends, or miss out on this holiday season’s important gains!

If you take notice, all of the current eCommerce fashion trends are about experience.

The answer to how to boost sales this holiday season is all about meeting your shoppers' fundamental demands and driving satisfaction and engagement. This way, you can stay competitive in the ever-evolving landscape of eCommerce fashion and always stay abreast of fashion trends.

Happy holiday selling!

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June 17, 2024
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