Partner's Insight: How Overdose and Boost helped Salomon deliver their global vision

Ellie Ho
Jun 7, 2024
3 min read

Boost Commerce with the top Shopify app - Boost Product Filter & Search - has been collaborating with Overdose to help many Shopify merchants. We join hands to ensure that our clients are provided with the best possible solutions and services, using the latest industry trends and technologies to drive success in the ever-changing commerce landscape.

Overdose is a well-known Shopify agency since 2016. The team is comprised of experts in Strategy, Design, Technology, Marketing, Search & Insights – all of whom have a deep understanding of how to create industry-defining solutions and results.

Salomon is one of our mutual clients. With the help of Overdose, Boost, and other apps, Salomon had had a relaunch to "allow greater flexibility in managing the site and better capacity in supporting marketing efforts".

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Recipe For Salomon's Success

overdose shopify plus agency use boost product filter and search for clients
boost ai search and discovery

Challenges & Solutions

overdose use boost product filter and search app for their big client

How Boost Fits In With Overdose's Solutions

Boost Product Filter & Search app is built to optimize the site search and product filter system on e-commerce websites. With a diverse category and a large catalog, Salomon definitely needs a third-party app to fill in the shortages of the default Shopify filter and site search.

Leverage holiday sales with Boost

The app works seamlessly with Shopify 2.0, so it's easy to create filter by size, color, price, etc. Salomon and Overdose team can then add custom styling to the filter or the instant search suggestion. This keeps the updated global brand guidelines consistent across important online touch points.

Boost also supports advanced filters and search fields like tags and meta fields. When the internal team update product data via these tools, our app will sync the new data as well. As a result, Salomon and Overdose can save time in data management.

Boost Product Filter & Search app caters for a wide range of customers, from tech experts to fresh merchants. The settings in-app is straightforward with carefully documented help articles and tutorial videos. Even new users can set up and get things done quickly. Moreover, our experience support team is always available to help with any request via email, live chat, and Zoom call. Its ease of use meets the requirement for the aggressive launching timeline.

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This year, Boost will have a big release when we embrace latest Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) to improve Search relevance and implement Product recommendation. Install the app now to explore the refined features that make a name for Boost and stay tuned for the great update.

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Content Marketing Specialist
June 17, 2024
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