Partner Introduction: Loox Product Reviews & Photos

Ellie Ho
Jun 7, 2024
3 min read

Filter by Product reviews and rating is among the top 5 essential filters of an online store. That's why Boost Product Filter & Search has partnered with Loox Product Reviews & Photos - the leading Shopify reviews and referrals app.

Customers rely on ratings to evaluate “good quality/value for money” of products when shopping online. With the precious user-generated content (UGC) collected by Loox, Shopify merchants can attract more potential customers and drive revenue.

About Loox Product Reviews & Photos

As its name implies, Loox provides solutions to collect and display stunning customer reviews and offers effortless referral programs. They are helping “100,000+ Shopify merchants to boost social proof, increase conversions, build out referrals, and generate beautiful photo and video UGC”.

With a starting price of $9.99, small online stores can enjoy basic features such as review request emails, discounts for photo reviews, basic AliExpress importer, and so on. Loox is also a great choice for enterprise-level businesses with higher plans that have unlimited access to all features, a dedicated customer success manager, and priority support.

Outstanding features of Loox

Product Reviews

This image-driven review platform mainly depends on images to present engaging product reviews in a visually appealing manner. Using pictures to persuade people to buy your items is especially effective for fashion commerce. It enables people to imagine how the item will seem on them and evaluate the fit of such items.

loox product reviews and photos Shopify app

Source: Loox Listing on Shopify App Store

Loox also lets users reply to the reviews publicly. According to a Harvard Business Review study, firms who reply to customer evaluations see a 12% rise in the number of reviews they get and a small improvement in their overall rating. Responding to reviews, on the other hand, motivates additional consumers to potentially advocate for your items, raising your ratings even higher.

Customer Referrals

Another spotlight of Loox is that Shopify merchants can use it to further connect with consumers and establish a human-like relationship via automated referral programs. This may be used to thank reviewers that has left favorable feedback or to address any issues raised by customers.

Merchants can customize referral campaigns for post-purchase or post-review activities with fraud protection.

With planned email campaigns depending on delivery time or order status, Loox makes it simple to encourage your consumers to submit reviews. Use these emails to provide incentives to entice consumers to leave a review and to remind customers to do so.

How Boost x Loox Integration helps Shopify merchants

The official partnership between Loox Product Reviews & Photos and Boost Product Filter & Search makes it easy to display review ratings as a filter and sorting option.

To turn on the integration, you just need to switch on the toggle in Tool > Integration on the Boost app dashboard.

After that, you can create a review rating filter option by clicking Add filter option in the selected filter tree. Using the Sort by options feature, it's also effortless to create a sorting option from the review rating. Head here to see the step-by-step guideline.

loox and boost mutual customer

Hairesthetic is combining Loox to collect and display product reviews and Boost to turn them into a filter.

Moreover, all Boost users can enjoy a 30-day extended trial when installing Loox Product Reviews & Photos and vice versa. Therefore, you have more time to explore both apps and actually see the promising result in sales.

Also, the two technical teams have been working closely to prevent any glitches in operation. We will also try our best to resolve any problems related to review ratings and filter trees in a timely manner.

Give Loox Product Reviews & Photos a try to get up to 91% increase in conversions!

Ellie Ho
Content Marketing Specialist
June 17, 2024
6 min read