Partner Introduction: Mobile App Builder ‑ Vajro

Ellie Ho
Jun 7, 2024
3 min read

Mobile commerce is in full bloom as customers are more and more attached to small screen devices. With the help of Mobile App Builder ‑ Vajro, turning a Shopify website into an app has never been easier.

It is estimated that mobile users account for 66% of the time spent with e-retail. As a result, online businesses need to make their site mobile optimized. While some of them are satisfied with a mobile website, many others aim to build a mobile app. In fact, the conversion rate on shopping apps is more than 3 times higher than on the mobile web. Therefore, we want to introduce you to Vajro, one of our partners that can help Shopify merchants create their own shopping app within a couple hours.

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About Mobile App Builder ‑ Vajro

Founded in 2016, Vajro is among the first Shopify apps specializing in building mobile shopping apps. The app is a cloud-based mobile commerce platform that allows E-commerce businesses to develop mobile apps for their stores.

Their focus is to make it simple for businesses to develop and deliver content to mobile audiences, as well as for end-users to consume that material and conduct transactions while on the move.

They have a wide range of pricing plans which cover the needs of both startups and Shopify Plus merchants. The average monthly price is around several hundred for a native iOS or Android app with many useful features such as native checkout, push notifications, and customer analytics. Before paying anything, users have a 60-day trial to explore all the functionalities. The app also offers a 1-on-1 walkthrough, involving a Zoom call with the customer service team upon request. That’s why they are now serving more than 2000 Shopify merchants and getting a lot of praise on Shopify App Store with more than 1,300 five-star reviews.

Outstanding features of Vajro

A code-free way to have a shopping app

Setting up a mobile shopping app with Vajro is a piece of cake even if you have absolutely zero coding knowledge. There are 4 pre-built themes with an intuitive interface for users to choose and later customize the colors, layouts, and so on to match the brand identity.

All changes in Vajro's dashboard will be reflected in your app in real-time. The sync process is also run automatically to update all products on your Shopify store.

prebuilt themes on vajro makes it quick and easy to create mobile shopping apps

Upsell and cross-sell on mobile with multiple functionalities

Vajro offers appealing push notifications that delight customers with photos, videos, and gifs. This is of great help to promote new items, introduce offers, reduce cart abandonment, and re-engage consumers. You can also segment the push notifications to make them more relevant to the customers.

push notifications with advanced targeting on vajro

On higher plans, Vajro users can allow their customers to shop on live video sales that are streamed directly from the mobile app with Vajro. Live streaming is known as the hottest and most engaging sales option today. Therefore, you can drive more impulsive purchases with this feature.

Shopping apps built with Vajro also have the enhanced image search feature. Customers can just take a snapshot of a product that piques their interest, and the app will handle the rest. It will locate the closest match and add it to their cart.

More importantly, Vajro makes use of AI technology that generates personalized recommendations based on the customers' unique history. Every shopper will have an AI personal shopper, which will drive engagement and boost sales for the store owners.

Native checkout with security

There are several checkout options on mobile apps based on Vajro, including “buy now, pay later” options, guest checkout, etc. Some advanced plans of Vajro offer the integration with the latest mobile payment methods like Apple Pay to make the checkout process smoother.

Online stores with multiple currencies can let your international customers pay in the currency of their choice thanks to the settings of the app.

checkout with security on vajro mobile shopping app

Better understand your customers

Vajro gives users a lot of useful insights regarding sales, best sellers, new installs, successful campaigns, and more. Based on this information, you can segment users and create conversion funnels for highly focused ad targeting. Data-driven business decisions will take you closer to success.

How Boost x Vajro Integration helps Shopify merchants

Site search and product filter are two important components to enhance customer experience whether on mobile or on desktop. Search makes it easy for shoppers to look for the products in their mind while filters help to narrow down the results so the most relevant one shows up in the first position.

boost x vajro mutual customers

Garmshack is an shopping app created with the combination of Boost Product Filter & Search and Vajro Mobile App Builder.

The integration between Boost Product Filter & Search and Vajro Mobile App Builder will make the smart site search with the collection and search result filters you have set up on the Boost app available on your mobile shopping app built with Vajro.

See the instructions to integrate two apps here.

Beauty Box achieved some impressive numbers in the first half of 2022. Upon installing Vajro, the brand was able to increase their overall revenue by 86% and lift their total orders by 80%. Itsy Bitsy also had similar successes. Between March and June 2022, its revenue increased by 15% and they were able to convert 18% more visitors.

Leverage holiday sales with Boost and partner

Moreover, as the tech teams of the two apps have been working together, we can ensure there will be no conflict. In case of any issue, our support team can handle it very quickly and efficiently.

Hence, if you are using Vajro, install Boost Product Filter & Search to be able to get 7-digit online sales . Or if you are using Boost and considering a shopping app to better convert mobile users, give Vajro a try - you'll love it!

Ellie Ho
Content Marketing Specialist
June 17, 2024
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