Partner Introduction: Langify

Thorin Tran
Jun 14, 2024
3 min read

High-quality translation plays a major role in expanding your business to new and foreign markets. You want to make sure your messages are going through in their full meanings without failing to conform to the native culture. While Shopify does provide a built-in translation feature, it’s not necessarily the greatest. That’s where Langify comes in.

They provide an all-out upgrade to your store’s translating functionality, creating a truly multilingual experience. Today, we bring you an exclusive 20% discount as part of the Boost Commerce x Langify collaboration. Keep on reading to learn how to claim yours!

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Who is Langify?

Langify is a Shopify app with a mission to make translating your store easy, accessible, and efficient. Anyone can translate their website into multiple languages with Langify. Simply install the app and start translating your content without adding even one line of code. Communicate with your international customers to enjoy a 2.67 times better chance to increase revenue.

langify translation shopify app

Going international has never been easier with Langify!

But what makes Langify special? They provide:

  • User-friendly Interface: The app comes with an easy-to-use UI that minimizes distracting elements and helps you to find and translate your content in an intuitive way.
  • SEO-ready: Langify follows and implements the best practices of multilingual SEO. Enjoy dedicated language-specific URLs for all your pages and optimized hreflang and canonical tags. Localization is never easier.
  • Seamless Imports/Exports: Download or upload your translations at any time without any extra costs. Should you find yourself in a situation where exporting your existing translations for backup purposes or exporting your untranslated content is necessary, do so with ease!

Reach International Customers This BFCM with Langify

Black Friday & Cyber Monday has gone global. It’s everywhere now. Why not capitalize on it and increase your revenue? Langify can help you branch out to new & foreign markets through accurate, seamless, and overall quality translation.

Increase BFCM Sales and Grow Your Business with Langify

A recent survey shows that 56.2% of web consumers consider the ability to see information in their native language more important than price. It means translating your Shopify content with Langify will more than likely bring in new customers. Just choose your theme and language to translate the home page, product descriptions, collection pages, blog posts, notifications, and more!

langify translation and localization shopify app

Translate all of your content automatically!

Appear More on Search Results with Multilingual SEO

Langify offers built-in SEO tools to optimize search engine results. Your translations will be picked up and indexed by all major platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc,... across different regions. Do expect a massive boost in traffic to your Shopify store!

Save Time & Efforts

Langify helps Shopify merchants redirect their visitors to the preferred browser language with one click. The app is easy to set up with a few clicks (languages switcher, redirection & currencies).

Save 20% Off Your Langify Lifetime Plan

Boost Commerce is partnering up with Langify to bring you an incredible BFCM season. We’re offering a limited-time-only deal: get 30% off for the first 6 months of subscription to our Product Filter & Search app. This offer applies to all plans, regardless of the order value. Pick up our biggest-ever discount to unlock another steal: 20% off your lifetime plan with Langify.

Are you ready to go international? Visit our BFCM campaign page for more details!

Thorin Tran
Search Marketing Specialist
June 17, 2024
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