Partner's Insight: How Overdose & Boost helped Bata build a storytelling brand experience

Ellie Ho
Jun 7, 2024
3 min read

Boost Product Filter & Searchis the top-rated app for Shopify merchants and agencies to optimize product discovery and navigation for increased online sales. Boost has been keeping a close relationship with renowned Shopify and Shopify Plus partners, one of which is Overdose.

Founded in 2016, Overdoseis a collection of extensive experts in many business aspects. With the help of Boost and other app solutions, the team has implemented an SEO and CRO strategy to increase traffic and conversions and executed various digital marketing campaigns to drive sales and engagement for Bata Singapore.

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overdose bata singapore case study results

The marvelous results that Overdose, Boost Product Filter & Search, and other integrations have brought to Bata Singapore.

Recipes For Bata's Success

boost product filter and search contributes to overdose solutions to bata success

Challenges & Solutions

challenges and solutions for Bata by overdose with the help of boost product filter and search

How Boost Fits In With Overdose's Solutions

boost ai search and discovery

A storytelling brand experience includes frictionless product discovery and navigation. Besides the upgrade in UI/UX, Overdose has used Boost's Shopify Search app - Product Filter & Search to streamline site search experience. The enhances the default site search with autocomplete and instant dropdown suggestions to ensure that shoppers on Bata can find the desired products in an instant.

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The placeholder text on the search box is customized to create more context and conversation with customers.

custom placeholder text on bata search box

Also, there are various instant search layouts for Overdose and Bata to choose from. The team finalized on a 2-column grid. The first column is used to display suggested products, tailored to the individual user based on their past interactions and preferences. The other showed recently viewed products, allowing shoppers to quickly find items that they had previously seen but not purchased. This customization of the 'Search' section has added a small touch of personalization, helping them to find the products they are looking for more efficiently.

two column grid instant search layout with personalization powered by boost product filter and search

To avoid the dead-end of "No products found", Overdose made use of the built-in No result suggestions of Boost. The 'No Results' page offers shoppers recommended products which may lead them back into the journey. Furthermore, they have included additional information and guidance to help them refine their query and find what they are looking for.

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What Else Can You Get From Boost?

Using Boost Product Filter & Search, merchants and agencies can also apply merchandising rules to boost high-margin products or create product filters in collections and search result pages. Customers' engagement data and sales metrics are visualized in the Analytics dashboard.

Leverage holiday sales with Boost

With Boost Product Filter & Search, store owners can provide their customers with a convenient and enjoyable shopping experience, which in turn increases the store’s conversion.

Ellie Ho
Content Marketing Specialist
June 17, 2024
6 min read