[Infographic] Why Should You Choose Boost AI Over Shopify For Your Product Recommendation

Ellie Ho
Jun 7, 2024
3 min read

Adding a product recommendation widget on eCommerce pages is a proven tactics to increase customer engagement and sales. As per Barilliance's findings, incorporating product recommendations has the potential to enhance revenue by as much as 300%, elevate conversions by 150%, and contribute to a 50% increase in Average Order Value (AOV).

This makes an efficient recommendation tool for an online store on the top investment list for merchants. If you manage a store on Shopify, you may already know or even be using the free Shopify Search & Discovery to power the product recommendation.

In this article, let us introduce another smarter recommendation system on Shopify - Boost AI Search & Discovery. We'll make a brief comparison between Boost AI and Shopify so you gain a better idea of how a paid option for product recommendations can make an extensive difference.

The Algorithms Behind Boost AI's Product Recommendations

Before releasing our product recommendation feature, the R&D team had teamed up with the engineering team to define the recommendation types and models that benefit merchants as well as online shoppers the most.

Nine recommendation types on Boost AI Search & Discovery are based on Content-Based Filtering and Collaborative Filtering. Some widgets, like Frequently Bought Together, Related Items (including Alternative Products, Complementary Products, and the mix of these two), Recently Viewed, Recently Purchased are added another layer of AI/ML or Personalization.

ses direct using boost recommendation

SES Direct Ltd is using Boost's product recommendation.

Aimed at new customers and casual browsers, global recommendations (like 'Bestsellers' or 'Trending Products') provide a general overview of a store's offerings and act as social proof. On the other hand, Personalized recommendations are highly valued by shoppers as they feel recognized and valued. These recommendations become more accurate over time as the algorithm learns more about the consumer's preferences, leading to increased sales.

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Diversity Is The Key

A big USP of the Boost app is diversity. Besides 9 recommendation types (and counting), our merchants can place the recommendation widgets on a wide range of webpages from Homepage to Cart pages.

Theme integration and customization within Boost AI are also more straightforward than that on the Shopify free app.

boost vs shopify product recommendation for ecommerce merchants

What Keeps You Hesitating?

We're well aware that a lot of factors can affect your decision on a product recommendation app and the subscription fee is usually a great barrier. Still, Boost AI Search & Discovery is FREE to install. After that, you have 14 days to try all of our features, not only the AI-powered recommendation but also the AI-enhanced site search, effective merchandising, and easy-to-build product filters. All are free of charge within the first 14 days.

No more hesitating, TRY FREE NOW!

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Ellie Ho
Content Marketing Specialist
June 17, 2024
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