How To Make Interactive Shoppable Videos In a Few Steps

Cici Nguyen
Jun 7, 2024
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Defining What Interactive Shoppable Videos Are

Shoppable videos are those videos that enable users to make purchases directly from the video! How may this work? Shoppable videos have clickable links, buttons, and icons in CTAs (call-to-action) that let viewers view and buy goods they see. Shoppable videos can also be used as an effective navigation tool that can direct ongoing traffic from a landing page to a product page, which could lead to possible conversions. These blend the power of video marketing with E-commerce to give customers a smooth purchase experience. Before we go into how to develop shoppable videos, let me introduce you to several instances you may have come across:

Welcome videos

When you make your way onto a new website and encounter a pop-up video, this is a welcome video. A welcome video will usually be that video that will welcome you to the website and tell you what the company does. Brands leverage these videos by making their audience feel welcomed and wanted. When someone visits your website, use this form to tell them about your business.

Consider this a marketing video since you may use it to educate potential consumers about your company. It may also be used to guide people to and from your website. To make this an interactive video, embed clickable links onto these videos, which can direct your potential customers to places such as your product page or even your homepage. Doing so will lower your bounce rate and generate more sales with a simple welcome video. Welcome videos are pop-up videos that appear on your screen when you visit a new site. The goal of these is to welcome new visitors to their website. This is done by brands to make their audience feel welcome and wanted.

Customer reviews

The most popular form we all know about is customer reviews, a form of user-gernerated content. With the move toward a more digital world, we have seen customer reviews adapt and change into video reviews, where past customers or experts share their thoughts about their past experiences. Reviews are essential to embed onto your website as customers now seek out if websites have pre-existing reviews as it is the most authentic way to encourage a purchase. Research shows that reviews are one of the most important features to integrate into your strategy. Customers are 63% more likely to trust a brand and make a purchase than a brand with no reviews. Since customer video reviews give such an in-depth look at a product, brands may leverage this by adding CTA’s that could let customers buy products being reviewed in the video. Businesses may gain a lot by including these video reviews on their websites and carefully implementing CTAs to convert viewer curiosity into conversions. In today's digital world, this trend emphasizes cultivating great customer experiences and leveraging them as practical marketing tools.

Interactive shoppable videos

Unboxing videos

Unboxing videos have taken the ecommerce world by storm. With the increasing popularity of these videos and all the attention it was receiving, marketers should start utilizing them more on their website and social media. For example, Apple creates the unboxing experience with all their products in real life by curating the perfectly designed box. This is why Apple's customers can never open an Apple box quickly. They do this because while a customer is opening the box, it slowly builds anticipation, and that's precisely what online unboxing videos do for the audience watching at home.

These videos instantaneously grab the viewers' attention, making it feel like they are unboxing a product for themselves; they get to see everything from the moment the package is opened to the final product itself. Videos like this give viewers a complete idea of the quality and whatever else they could expect when they receive the ordered product.

Interactive shoppable videos

The Benefits of Creating Interactive Videos

1. A Significant Increase in Sales

Shoppable videos are an effective sales strategy due to the direct link between the video content and the possibility of making a purchase. Businesses may use product videos to emphasize benefits and steer viewers toward a purchase decision, generating higher sales. A more engaging and convenient purchase experience may greatly benefit customers. As previously indicated, this occurs since it allows people to purchase directly from the video. So, how can this help you? The number of stages in the purchase procedure will significantly reduce if you adopt this strategy. This results in a very seamless experience for the clients. All of these features of shoppable videos boost the possibility of greater conversions, which leads to more purchases from your customers. You should implement this plan because it is critical for your business.

2. Higher consumer engagement

Shoppable videos' enhanced user experience is critical to their efficacy as a marketing and sales tool. Shoppable videos allow customers to have a more seamless shopping experience by allowing viewers to click on goods within the video and buy them rather than conducting separate searches. Their visual appeal, which includes dynamic demonstrations of goods, grabs and holds the viewer's attention. Furthermore, the videos give essential product context by demonstrating features and usage situations, which improves knowledge and supports informed decision-making. This user-friendly interface stimulates engagement and discovery, which leads to more excellent conversion rates.

3. Improving User Experience

I have always been a strong advocate for the fact that simplicity is king. Shoppable videos are the bridge for brands to achieve this. By implementing shoppable videos into your website, you are eliminating the long and numerous steps required for customers to purchase in a traditional way. Other than this, if your website may be a bit complex and challenging to navigate, interactive videos are your secret weapon because, as I mentioned before, you can use this tool for multiple purposes, and in this case, start using it as a guidance tool. Potential customers will be able to get to their desired locations much quicker and make even more purchases.

How to get started with interactive videos on your online store

Now, interactive videos are a viral tool on social media. So, if you want to increase sales and improve the shopping experience for clients. Start following these steps to create an interactive video for your online store:

Create and Record: short videos and re-use old ones

When it comes to creating an interactive video, it is no different from creating a regular short video, so the steps are pretty straightforward initially. If your company already uses video marketing, we will let you know the steps it can implement to convert those videos shoppable as well! The transition from regular short videos into interactive shoppable videos occurs in the editing section, such as inserting links.

On the other hand, if your company specializes in live shopping, it is even easier to create those videos into shoppable. Since live shopping consists of long shopping hours and includes multiple products, you will need to trim down the segments where you only discuss one product per video. The advantage of live shopping is that one live shopping session can give you content for multiple shoppable videos!

Edit: video feeds, and insert your links in them

1) Plug in the website

In the post-production stage, the first thing you are required to do is to integrate the shoppable video on your website. You can do this by creating an account and being able to connect it to your online store or website.

2) Link products on videos

This is where interactive videos differentiate themselves from introductory videos. In this process step, you will be embedding shoppable links, icons, or buttons into your videos. Your viewers can purchase directly from the videos once you correctly complete this task.

3) Choose a presentation format

Interactive videos can be presented in multiple forms, such as pop-ups, bubbles, and more! Depending on how you want your videos to be displayed on your website and the purpose of the videos, you can choose how you want the videos to appear for your customers. You can tag your items according to these formats. These video tags may be customized to match the company's brand image.

Different presentation forms of an interactive video

The last but most crucial step is choosing where you want your interactive videos to be displayed. Usually, e-merchants favor locations for their videos, including landing pages and product pages. Let’s get a clearer understanding as to why these two places tend to be the ideal locations for the distribution of these videos:

  1. Landing page: The first place is landing pages; this is a desired place for marketers to put interactive videos because landing pages tend to be the first page where potential customers come across your brand. The objective of embedding a video here is to keep your traffic on your website and ensure they do not click directly off. This is crucial because it is one of the first things potential clients see about your company. Leveraging a welcome video with links that redirect your traffic towards your homepage or product page will ensure your potential customers stay on your website even longer and could lead to making purchases.
  2. Product pages: Product pages are where your potential customers will see product descriptions and decide whether or not to buy the product they are interested in. It is vital to embed an interactive video here because it will convince your traffic to go ahead with the purchase. For example, if you embed a customer video review and your traffic sees the complete in-depth review from a third party person, they will tend to trust the company even more and be convinced to make the purchase finally. Moreover, these interactive videos can also help you with additional sales of complimentary goods that can accompany the main product, as these video formats allow viewers to browse more options and see what else they can buy.
Interactive shoppable videos

Example of interactive videos on a product page and landing page


Interactive videos allow e-merchants endless opportunities when marketing their products to their target markets. These videos are a versatile marketing tool and advantageous to brands when they utilize them correctly. Now that we have discussed the different examples of interactive videos and how your brand can start creating them, what are you waiting for?

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June 17, 2024
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