Case Study: Tapered Menswear's Journey with Boost AI Search & Discovery To Gain 3.53% In CR

Ellie Ho
Jun 7, 2024
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Tapered Menswear is a brand that caters to men with broad shoulders and a narrow waist. They specialize in providing high-quality clothing for this niche market. Scott Liebenberg founded the brand in 2018 after experiencing personal frustration with poorly fitting off-the-rack shirts.

In this case study, it's a great honor for Boost to have Scott, CEO and Co-Founder of Tapered, with us and share his experience with Boost AI Search & Discovery. In August 2023 only, the overall conversion rate of Boost-related sessions was 3.53%, much higher than the average conversion rate for Shopify stores of 1.4%. Without further ado, let's delve into how Tapered Menswear enhanced its online shopping experience by utilizing the Boost AI Search & Discovery app on their Shopify store.

About Tapered Menswear

We believe there is no better introduction than letting the founder share his story.

“It all started when, in 2018, I used to work in an office. I had to wear formal shirts off the rack but would always find that because I worked out, they just wouldn't fit my body as it should. I found that the torso of the shirt was just a box, and the fabric would sag around my waist. The only real solution to this problem was to take my shirt to a tailor, but I didn't want to have to pay each time just to get my shirt to fit properly. So I created my own and designed clothing for guys that have wide shoulders and a narrow waist.”

- Scott remembered how he started Tapered.

Focusing on a very specific yet often neglected need, Scott has had great success With exquisite products and a powerful online store.

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Challenges Leading to Third-Party Apps

Tapered Menswear faces a significant challenge of the rapid depletion of stock in certain sizes due to high demand. This has caused some issues for returning customers looking for the same size but different products. For the specific niche of Tapered, sizes and fit are everything to customers, so this needs to be resolved.

To solve this problem, the brand has been exploring the use of third-party apps to enhance the functionality of its online store, specifically in terms of displaying available sizes. Doing so makes it easier for customers to find what they're looking for and keeps them returning for more.

With the help of Boost AI Search & Discovery, the online store can be confident that they will be able to provide a better shopping experience for their customers and improve their overall sales. In addition to leveraging the collections with Filter by Available Size, Boost also upgrades the site search on Tapered Menswear.

shopify product filter and search app | boost app case study

Search box onclick of Boost AI Search & Discovery shows Popular searches and Trending products right when shoppers land on the search bar.

Choosing the Right Apps: Choose Boost AI Search & Discovery

When selecting third-party apps, Scott emphasized the importance of creating a seamless customer journey, resolving pain points, and minimizing uncertainties. The chosen apps need to enhance the overall user experience on the Tapered Menswear website.

The Boost AI Search & Discovery Integration

bfcm 2023 black friday shopify deal

Scott decided to try Boost AI Search & Discovery app in their store. This app seamlessly integrated with their theme, providing not only an on-brand design but also advanced functionality. It allowed customers to filter collections and see which sizes were available in stock, a crucial feature missing from the native Shopify app.

tapered menswear case study | boost product filter | shopify filter app | shopify search app

Product filters on Tapered use the Collapsed-Expand layout. The filter tree is hidden by default, so it doesn't take up room for the product listings. When needed, visitors just need to click Filter to see all the options to narrow down the product list.

Positive Experience with Boost

Scott was particularly impressed with the customer support and development team's assistance during the app setup and customization. The team made the requested changes to ensure the app seamlessly fit into the store's design. Scott praised the team's responsiveness and ability to address any coding issues related to integration quickly.

Unique Features and Benefits of Boost AI Search & Discovery

The standout feature of the Boost app for Tapered Menswear was the app's ability to display available sizes in stock. This feature significantly improved the customer experience, allowing shoppers to easily identify which items were available in their size.

There are other product filter apps in the Shopify app store and even the free Shopify search and discovery app. Still, Boost can beat them all, taking into account functionalities, support, and pricing.

Exceptional Customer Support

Scott contacted Boost's customer support throughout the partnership for various issues and inquiries. He highlighted the team's effectiveness, quick response times, and their ability to provide satisfactory solutions, including cosmetic changes and integration fixes.

Embracing New Features

Scott expressed interest in the new features that Boost AI Search & Discovery rolled out, including AI Search, Merchandising, Product Recommendation, and Variant Display. While he hadn't implemented them yet, he was open to trying them in the future.

What Tapered Menswear Has Achieved With Boost

Scott acknowledged the positive impact of Boost AI Search & Discovery on Tapered Menswear's user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). The app had positively impacted the store's conversion rate. In August 2023, the overall conversion rate of Boost was 3.53%, with the conversion rate on collection pages surpassing 4%.

boost ai search and discovery case study | shopify conversion rate optimization

Using Boost AI Search & Discovery has been instrumental in enhancing the online shopping experience of Tapered Menswear. The app has boosted the brand's UI/UX and positively impacted conversion rates by addressing stock availability issues and offering seamless integration with an on-brand design. With responsive customer support and ongoing improvements of the Boost app, we hope to continue assisting Scott and Tapered Menswear to thrive in its niche market.

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June 17, 2024
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