Feature Updates for Boost Product Filter & Search in Q1/2021

Ellie Ho
Jun 7, 2024
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Boost Product Filter & Search has kickstarted 2021 with a lot of feature upgrades and new feature releases. If you haven't used the Boost app for a while, we guess you would be surprised by all the changes!

To make it clearer to Boost merchants, we have made a summary of all the recent updates in Q1/2021. Let's check it out!

Upgrade: Analytics settings + Analytics-based Suggestions

Analytics of Boost Product Filter & Search has been a useful source for consumer behaviors and priorities. You can know which products or search terms are in high demand as well as which ones return no hits in the search result. More importantly, users can have a glance at how much they gain from the search and filter engagement of online shoppers.

Analytics data is getting more and more accurate thanks to the Ignore IPs setting. With this upgrade, Shopify merchants can exclude internal team IPs and testing IPs, which can mess up the Analytics report.

analytics ignore ip boost product filter search

Excluding filter and search activities from testing IPs increases the accuracy of analytics data so you gain precise ideas about your customers.

Another big tweak from our team that will really revamp customer experience is Analytics-based Suggestions.

You may already know that the Instant Search Widget will auto-select and suggest keywords, products, and collections that are relevant to the input search terms. Previously, the relevancy was based on product attributes only, but now, it also curates analytics data.

analytics based suggestions backend boost product filter search
analytics based suggestions storefront boost product filter search

Analytics-based Suggestions pick proper search terms in analytics data to auto-suggest in the Instant Search Widget.

The priority order for Auto-suggestions is:

  • Suggestion dictionary (customized phrases you set)
  • Customer search data (top search terms in Analytics)
  • Product attributes (keywords matching product data)

Update: The Instant Search Widget now has multiple design for Boost users to choose. Visit our Demo store to see all of them.

Brand New: Swatch settings

This feature has been highly requested and we have made it live now.

Swatch filter option is of great help for colors or special designs of products. According to Baymard, industries such as apparel, home furnishings, and beauty always consider color variations as “a key purchasing decision”.

Boost Product Filter & Search has supported the Swatch filter option since the beginning. However, creating a color swatch with special shades, for example, previously wasn’t very easy. The new Swatch settings page allows Boost users to pick the display option (one color, two colors, or customized with uploaded image) very intuitively.

swatch settings new feature boost product filter search

To use Swatch settings, you need to have a filter option with Swatch display in your filter tree. Then, all the data of that filter option will be updated to the Swatch settings page so you can pick the color, add the image, and so on.

Unfortunately, this feature is not available for all customers yet. We are working hard to make it compatible with all themes and all stores.

In meantime, you can still use the old approach to create a Swatch filter option. Or you can shoot us an email via support@boostcommerce.net to send a special request for using Swatch settings.

Check this out:5 Best UI/UX Practices For Your Filter Design

Partners: Auto-integration with Product Reviews apps

Integration with third-party apps for product reviews is getting easier than ever. Boost has been working hand in hand with other Shopify app providers to develop an autoflow for integration.

Currently, we have released the automatic process for all Product Reviews apps in our partnership. The detailed, step-by-step instructions may vary depending on the apps you are using, but, in general, Boost users just need to toggle the ON/OFF switch to get connected with a Product Reviews app.

auto integration yotpo boost product filter search

The autoflow for integration saves a lot of time. Even non-tech-savvy users can do it. In the example of Yotpo, you need to enter the app key, but some other apps don't require this.

Have a look:Full list of supported apps for auto-integration and their detailed instructions.

If you can't find your Product Reviews app in the list, don't hesitate to send us a request via support@boostcommerce.net. We are also working to broaden our network to better assist the customers.

Together with the automation to integrate with Product Reviews apps, we have also simplified the process of building a filter option by ratings/reviews.

create product review filter option

After enabling the switch for auto-integration, you can access a filter tree. Click on the +Add filter option, choose Review Ratings in the dropdown menu of Option type. Make any changes to its appearance according to your preference. Remember to Save the filter option, then Save the filter tree. Now you have a Product Reviews facet.

Check out our review for top product review apps on Shopify here.

What's next?

eCommerce stores are moving at the speed of light towards globalization and localization to optimize online sales. Also, Shopify has adopted a new approach to multi-currencies and multi-languages to accelerate the process.

With a view of bringing the ultimate value to our customers, we have an action plan to catch up with these changes. We, the Boost team, have been trying our best to optimize the current features and introduce more product offerings.

We hope you will enjoy these updates and use them to make the in-app experience more intuitive.

Finally, connect with us on our social channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to get the latest news from Boost.

Stay tuned!


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