Announcing Boost’s Transformation to AI Search & Discovery

Ellie Ho
Jun 7, 2024
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On April 19th, 2023, Boost will release Boost AI Search & Discovery (Boost 3.0). This fully revamped and transformed version of Boost Product Filter & Search is designed to accommodate Shopify merchants best, providing revenue boosts and scalability.

The app has been revamped from the ground up, and our pricing has been redesigned to best suit your actual needs while tailoring to your business's growth.

Why Boost AI Search & Discovery?

Over the past few years, Boost has worked hard to help Shopify merchants boost conversion rates and optimize ROI with our advanced product filter and smart search app. We have evolved from being the number one Shopify filter search to becoming a more comprehensive, AI-powered suite for product discovery as a whole.

Boost AI search & discovery logo

Our new branding - Boost AI Search & Discovery - stems from our ultimate business mission: we strive to deliver efficient and reliable technology solutions for e-Commerce businesses to grow at scale.

We commit to creating the best possible Shopify app for merchants to sell more with less effort while meeting your emerging needs.

We are now actively installed and used by 14,000+ global merchants, from startups to Shopify veterans, and from soloists to big brands and agencies. With your difference in needs and requirements, as we continue to scale, we proudly bring you Boost AI Search & Discovery (Boost 3.0), to grow alongside your business professional growth.


Empower all businesses with AI power, regardless of size or market

Boost is now at an important moment in our history, where we’re not only providing a powerful Shopify filter app to help you increase sales but also the key to unlocking your sales breakthrough with us.

AI technology is roaming all over the internet now, but at Boost, we’ve been implementing AI in our work for years, to finally deliver you the next best AI-powered search, product recommendations, Shopify filter, and visual merchandising.

Without the tech-giant-level data, many smaller businesses are struggling with meeting customers’ shopping expectations and lack search relevance. Boost 3.0 uses advanced built-in machine learning algorithms to understand the intent behind customers' queries and deliver highly relevant search results.

This means that, small eCommerce stores can offer their shoppers a satisfying shopping experience that matches their exact needs and preferences, maximizing conversions and repeat sales.

Additionally, Boost AI Search & Discovery provides valuable insights into customer behavior, allowing you to optimize your store’s search rankings, product recommendations, and site navigation to further enhance the customer experience.

With our AI-powered search app, even small businesses can level the playing field with larger competitors and create a competitive advantage that drives growth and success.

All businesses - whatever the size and industry - can nail onsite product search relevance and shopping experience without having to own the advantage of big data like other tech giants with Boost 3.0.

What’s new in Boost AI Search & Discovery rebranding?

With the ultimate goal of giving your store’s visitors the best tools to discover your products as efficiently as possible, we’ve worked hard to add innovative new features to our app, with a touch of a new look and feel to our branding.

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s new in Boost 3.0:

New logo: we’re AI-powered now!

Boost aims to become the leading AI-powered Search & Product Discovery solution for SMBs & SMEs to convert more.

Boost new logo

We are thrilled to unveil our new Boost logo, featuring an AI symbol representing our commitment to utilizing the power of artificial intelligence in our new generation of Boost app.

The AI symbol represents our app's transformation in technology, enabling highly accurate and personalized product discovery, better app performance, and an enhanced onsite shopping experience for Shopify merchants, ultimately driving more sales.

New product features to transform your sales

Read in detail about our new feature updates in Boost 3.0 here:

Sneak Peek: What To Expect In The Epic Release Of Boost AI Search & Discovery

AI-Powered Search

We take pride in using the latest AI technology to power our search algorithms, ensuring that your site's search results are always relevant to your customers, regardless of their search queries.

Our AI search technology is designed to not only provide relevant search results via features like facet extraction, intent understanding, typo tolerance, synonym detection, scoped search, etc.

We also work to ensure that your shoppers have an effortless and efficient shopping experience no matter how they type on your search bar. This is swiftly done via advanced search features like precision search, partial search, numeric search, and so on.

AI search by Boost

AI-Powered Recommendation

With our new product recommendation feature which includes two AI-based recommendations (Frequently Bought Together and Related Items), you have in total 8 popular recommendation types to display on the 4 most important Shopify pages (Homepage, Collection page, Product page, and Cart page).

Boost 3.0 uses a state-of-the-art AI algorithm to carefully examine and analyze the purchase history of your store’s customers as well as their buying intent. By doing so, our recommendations can always suggest products that are most relevant and tailored to shoppers’ specific buying stages.

AI recommendation types

Visual Merchandising

Now you have total control over rule-based merchandising, product ranking, and product visibility via 4 main actions: Pin, Boost, Demote, and Hide products. The new Filter rule for search results also helps limit products in search results as you like.

Shopify merchandising

Advanced Analytics

Boost AI Search & Discovery has been upgraded with additional analytics metrics and improved presentation. In addition to app impact metrics (coming soon) such as Sales generated by Boost, Average order value, and Revenue per visitor, you can now gain insight into search term performance, recommendation widget performance, and product performance.


New Centralized Dashboard and Theme Settings

Our team has made significant strides in Boost 3.0 release, not only improving the app's features but also redesigning the dashboard to be cleaner and more intuitive.

We have put in a lot of effort to ensure that the overview dashboard is tailored to your interests, making it easier for you to access the information that matters the most to you.

new dashboard

In addition to the new centralized dashboard, we are introducing brand new Theme Settings that provide a full range of options for styling the collection page as desired.

This feature allows you to style your collection and search page with the Boost app to fit seamlessly with the overall look and feel of your website, without the need for complicated code.

👉 Read more about our new Theme Settings here.

New Pricing

In addition to premium feature updates, we have made changes to our pricing plans to ensure that we can continue to offer you the best product while maintaining the quality of our service.

Boost Pricing 2023 offers Add-ons and Packages that enhance the flexibility and optimization of our features. These innovative feature extensions enable merchants to differentiate themselves from competitors, attract more customers, and generate more sales with ease.

new pricing

Read more on our New Pricing updates here:

Everything You Should Know About The New Boost Pricing 2023

Final words

Progress has been made in every aspect of our team's tireless work to perfect Boost AI Search & Discovery. We hope that you’re eager to check out the Boost 3.0 version and its amazing new features. We’re also excited to have your thoughts on our biggest release of 2023 so reach us out with any questions.

Thank you for always supporting us and allowing Boost to be your partner in growth!

Best regards,


Founder of Boost AI Search & Discovery

Ellie Ho
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June 17, 2024
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