The 5 Best Ecommerce Landing Page Examples To Inspire Your BFCM

Cici Nguyen
Jun 7, 2024
3 min read

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM 22) marching closer, it’s time to start making plans on how you will present your offers to your customers. Landing pages are an excellent way to shine a light on your deals and give your customers streamlined access to your offers.

To get your creative juices flowing and help you make your landing page as effective as possible, we’ll take you on a guided tour of the techniques and tools used by some of the best ones out there.

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What Is A Landing Page?

First, let’s quickly outline what a landing page is and its purpose. A landing page is a standalone page that a customer is directed to through marketing communication. The page has a single focus and is distinct from other pages on a website. It has one clear call to action and its content is built around a single goal.

what is a landing page | sales landing page | shopify page builder

As a landing page is the next step for shoppers that have been specifically targeted, its messaging and design are crafted to match that audience.

The amped-up focus landing pages are able to generate is what makes them excellent at driving up conversion rates.

Best Practices To Create A High-Converting Landing Page

best practice for sales landing page | bfcm landing page | bfcm sales | shopify page builder

Not all landing pages are created equal. The best ones follow a particular formula and contain some key elements.

How it should look

A great landing page starts off with an attention-grabbing headline that is directly related to the marketing campaign. There should then be a sub-heading that further explains the campaign. A clear call to action also needs to be visible in the top portion of the screen and stand out on the page.

Directional cues that prompt visitors to continue scrolling are another feature of stellar landing pages. These directional cues can be in the form of pointers, arrows, or even copies.

Speaking of copy, landing pages should also include descriptions of the products being showcased. This copy should be written with the target audience in mind. It should clearly identify their pain points and outline how the product can remedy them.

Moreover, to give your landing page and its product a seal of approval, there needs to be social proof. A feed from your social media channels of your products being used by customers, star ratings, reviews, and testimonials all work well in harnessing trust in your products.

How to boost your Shopify landing page performance

There are also some technical capabilities your landing page needs to put you in a prime position to amplify sales.

In the fast-paced world of the consumer, speed is everything. They simply won’t waste time waiting for a page to load, no matter how mouthwatering the savings are. In fact, 53% expect eCommerce pages to load in 3 seconds or less and 51% will not wait longer than 6 seconds.

web page loading times ecommerce


Thus, speed-boosting features such as lazy loading are a must to stand a chance in converting visits into sales. What's more, the vast majority of eCommerce landing pages are falling short of meeting these speed expectations. So, arming your landing page with lightning-fast speed is a surefire way to set your store apart.

Another key practice to morph your landing page into a high-converting one is testing. It’s rare to know exactly the type of content and design features that resonate with shoppers right off the bat. That’s why the best landing pages come as a result of investigation and analysis.

To ensure your landing page has the goods to convert consumers, it’s wise to A/B test elements such as the headline, call to action, visuals, and forms of social proof.

5 Of The Best Ecommerce Landing Pages By Industry To Inspire Your BFCM

Now that you know what it takes to create a high-converting landing page, let’s take a look at how these best practices play out in real life.

Best Home Decor Landing Page: Coco Village

coco village sales landing page

Coco Village really drives home the savings their customers can get throughout its landing page. Right off the bat we’re met with a big and bold headline emphasizing the percentage saving. It’s then further reinforced with slashed pricing beneath product thumbnails alongside a button reiterating that it’s 50% off.

To put any cautious shoppers at ease, the page is wrapped up with some user-generated content. This masterfully backs up their claim that their beds are sure to be loved by kids.

Best Food & Groceries Landing Page: Hello Fresh

hello fresh sale landing page

HelloFresh does a good job of compelling visitors to join its meal prep program. Its copy packs a punch at asserting the ease its service provides. Bold typeface draws immediate attention to what the brand can do for you and exactly how it’ll bring value.

A nice touch here is the customer testimonials. We see images of real people gushing about how easy meal times have become thanks to HelloFresh. Just like Coco Village, these testimonials give credence to the claims the brand is making.

Best Apparel Landing Page: Fabletics

fabletics sales landing page

Fabletics has a nice and clean layout that gives visitors the opportunity to complete the desired action at every step.

Wherever users scroll, they will be met with a button that leads them to Fabletics’ quiz. This is an excellent tactic as it catapults the chances of capturing a conversion. If the consumer isn’t swayed by the savings, maybe they’ll be convinced by the simplicity of becoming a VIP member. If not, perhaps some details about the products will be the hook.

Best Beauty & Cosmetics Landing Page - MAC Cosmetics

mac cosmetics landing page

When it comes to bold imagery, MAC Cosmetics knocks it out of the park. On this landing page for the Studio Fix line, the products are the shining stars. The in-your-face high-quality imagery demands the attention of consumers. What’s most impressive though is how quickly this page loads despite the extent of its images.

Shoppers are also met with social proof throughout the page, lending an authentic light to its stars.

Best Gadgets & Tools Landing Page: FFS

This landing page by FFS is a great example of how simplicity in a landing page is key.

sales landing page example

Notice how this page has a single CTA. This ensures that visitors aren’t distracted by anything whatsoever. Their focus remains on the offer at hand. It also gives FFS more room to focus more on its informational content.

The page does a good job of providing sufficient and compelling information without overwhelming shoppers. Breaking key points down into bite-sized chunks with clear headings allows visitors to skim read and consume the information most pertinent to them.

Adding an FAQ section was another smart choice here. It helps to dispel any doubts by making certain that visitors have all the answers they need to make an informed decision. This is further enhanced by the customer-service-focused reviews.

Essentially, everything a customer needs to be swayed towards a purchase is tied up here in a neat, little package.

How Can I Build A High-Converting BFCM Landing Page For My Shopify Store?

We’re sure you’re itching to start building a high-converting landing page for your store this BFCM! Fortunately, it couldn’t be simpler to build landing pages like a pro when you use GemPages.

What Is GemPages?

Rating: 4.9 stars

Price: $15/month to $59/month with a 10-day free trial

GemPages is a hugely popular page-building app used by thousands of Shopify merchants.

The app levels the playing field as it uses a simple drag-and-drop interface so e-merchants of all technical abilities can create the page they desire. Aside from basic elements such as images, products, and heading, you can also equip your landing page with advanced features like a countdown timer and popups.

If you’re looking for an instantaneous solution for your BFCM landing page, it's got you covered. You can choose from tons of pre-made templates that are guaranteed to drive conversion.

Why GemPages is Great for BFCM landing page building

Choose from a host of Black Friday templates

gempages sales bfcm landing page template

A BFCM template by GemPages

One of the greatest benefits of using GemPages as your BFCM page builder of choice is that it provides industry-specific templates for the holiday sales season.

You can get your BFCM landing page ready in no time with elements like a countdown timer, testimonials, and ratings. With a few simple clicks, you’ll have a high-converting BFCM landing page right in front of your eyes.

Tons of customization options and features

building landing pages with gempages

It’s easy to customize your landing page to your liking

If you’re more of a hands-on page builder and want full control over the look, feel, and layout of your BFCM landing page, then worry not. Every inch of your landing page can be edited to your liking. You can personalize your message with stunning headlines, and captivating images and videos. If coding is your thing, liquid elements can be added to your BFCM template.

It’s also super easy to include specific discount-based components on your landing page. Simply drop in a (P)Price or Bundling element, and hey presto, your offers are on the page.

What's more, GemPages integrates with a host of third-party apps that will take your BFCM page to the next level. This includes social proof apps like LOOX and, as well as Boost Product Filter and Search.

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Mobile-ready and guaranteed speed

GemPages is also mobile responsive by default. As 61% of online purchases over the holidays are made on mobile, this is a capability you must have in your arsenal. On top of having a mobile-ready landing page, the look of it on mobile devices can be fine-tuned with the GemPages Editor.

Speed is another thing you can rely on GemPages for. The app ensures that your landing page loads as fast as possible with features like lazy loading, pre-load resources, and high-speed CDN.

Test out your landing pages

To give your BFCM landing page the best shot at winning over shoppers, subscribers to GemPages’ Business and Advanced plans have access to A/B testing.

ab testing sales landing page using gempages shopify page builder

With GemPages’ A/B test feature, you can experiment with any element of your landing page. You can choose to either have an equal split of visitors being sent to each variation or set the split yourself. You’ll also have complete control over the length of time you run the test for.

Proven track record of success

All of these features and capabilities aren’t just impressive, they actually work. Online fashion brand Backbone Swag has reaped the rewards of GemPages for over 4 years.

Thanks to the intuitive and simple approach the app has to page building, the store owner was able to get his pages up and running within an hour. That’s in huge contrast to the 30+ hours it took him to customize pages on Shopify. Also, he’s been able to boost the conversion rate of his pages by 2%.

Build A Landing Page Like A Pro In Time For BFCM

There’s no shadow of a doubt that landing pages can play a critical role in amplifying your BFCM sales. They provide your customers with a one-stop shop for deals and fully entrench them in the holiday sales experience. With GemPages, you can craft a BFCM landing page that is certain to turn heads and tease out sales.

You’ll be glad to know that it’s not just shoppers who get to relish in all the savings fun. Shopify store owners can also get more bang for their buck on conversion-churning tools. Take advantage of our and GemPages biggest ever BFCM sale so you can make a landing page like the pros!

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June 25, 2024
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