Top 5 Shopify Wishlist Apps To Try Out On Your Store For The Holidays

Doki Nguyen
Jun 14, 2024
3 min read

In this article, you’ll find out precisely why your Shopify store needs a wishlist app and learn about some of the best options you should consider trying.

Wishlists are an excellent tool to help your customers plan for future purchases. With a wishlist app, you can allow visitors to your store to save the products they are interested in but are not ready to buy yet. They can also act as a shareable shopping list for consumers to share with their family and friends.

With the Christmas holiday quickly approaching, the addition of a wishlist app could work wonders in bringing more shoppers to your store, increasing engagement, and raising your chances of securing a purchase.

Why Does My Store Need A Wishlist App?

Did you know that 40% of consumers believe their shopping experience would be better if retailers offered a wishlist? This shows that wishlists can significantly improve the customer experience. Furthermore, a survey by eMarketer found that 56% of consumers abandon their cart because they were not ready to purchase, rather, they were saving the items for later. Hence, with a wishlist app, not only can address this clear need for customers, but you can also make strides to reduce cart abandonment.

Wishlist apps can also give you invaluable insight into customer behavior and trends. Chances are that you’ll be able to easily identify products that are often saved to a wishlist but are infrequently purchased. With this information in hand, you can run experiments, such as lowering the price or adding additional information, to figure out exactly what will influence people to purchase these products. You can also anticipate stock levels and direct your spending towards replenishing popular items ahead of time to increase sales in the future.

Another prized feature of wishlist apps is that they can go a long way in driving personalization. There’s no two ways about it, shoppers demand personalized shopping experiences when they are online. With the right wishlist app, you’ll be able to provide your customers with bespoke marketing campaigns that drive sales and increase retention. Some brilliant ideas to consider are:

  • Offering discounts on wishlist items
  • Alerting shoppers when their wishlist product is low stock
  • Sending them product reviews to really convince them that your products are worth purchasing.

Now that you can see how valuable a wishlist app could be, it’s time to dive into some of the best ones on Shopify.

Top Shopify Wishlist Apps

Wishlist Plus

Rating: 4.8 stars

Price: Free plan available. Paid plans start at $14.99/month with a 30-day free trial

Wishlist Plus is a comprehensive app to get you on your way to reaping the rewards of wishlists. It allows visitors to your store to save items from any page that displays your products. Depending on your Shopify theme, the wishlist page button will surface as a header item, floating button, or menu item. If you go for their Pro or Premium plan, you can also customize the text, color and icon so that it mirrors your brand’s look and feel.

wishlist plus pages social proof | shopify wishlist

Customers can add to their wishlist from anywhere products are displayed in your store. They can also see how many times an item has been favorited. (Source: Wishlist Plus)

Additionally, your customers can begin creating wishlists instantly as they do not need to sign in or create an account. If shoppers share their email address, the data will be automatically synced and they can access their wishlists on any and all of their devices.

On paid plans, you can give highly organized shoppers the option to create multiple wishlists for any occasion. All wishlists can be shared on social media, or via email for free plan users to prompt purchases as a gift or to get opinions.

A standout feature of Wishlist Plus is the way they leverage social proof to drive sales. When a product is clicked on, shoppers will see how many people have favorited the item. This demonstrates the desirability of it which can act as a great push towards purchasing.

wishlist plus re-engagement feature | shopify wishlist

Re-engage wishlist users with triggered emails and targeted social media ad campaigns. (Source: Wishlist Plus)

Wishlist Plus also takes strides at helping Shopify merchants level up their marketing prowess. On the paid plans, merchants can activate wishlist reminder emails to help drive retention.

The Pro and Premium plans take marketing campaigns to another level as you are able to create social media re-engagement campaigns and trigger back in stock or price drop emails. On all plans, you will have access to a metrics dashboard with useful data like Top Wishlisted Products, Revenue from Product Alerts, and Number of orders from wishlist so you can tailor your activities accordingly. Of course, reports that paid plans provide you will be more detailed.


Rating: 5 stars

Price: Free plan available. Paid plans start at $5.99/month

Wishify is a great top-rated app option for SMBs as it provides great features right out of the box without the need of choosing expensive plans.

On the free plan, you can add a customized wishlist button and include a wishlist page on the main menu. This plan, however, only supports 100 wishlist items for your store.

wishify wishlist app | shopify wishlist

On the wishlist page, shoppers can instantly share their list to social media and add items to cart. (Source: Wishify)

The cheapest paid plan equips shoppers with the ability to share their wishlists on social media and by email, as well as create wishlists as a guest. The wishlist will also appear as a widget on collection pages and the button can be customized to match your Shopify theme. Moreover, you can send customized emails to help draw customers back to your store with offers, promotions or additional information.

The Premium and Advanced plans are most suited towards Shopify merchants with a larger customer base and those wanting to leverage customer data to inform marketing activities. Here, full reports will help you better customize the wishlist email automations with reminders and so on.

Wishlist King

Rating: 4.8 stars

Price: From $4.95/month with 14-day free trial

A unique feature of Wishlist King is that no matter which plans you are on, you’ll get unlimited wishlist functionality. Instead, the price of the plan is dependent on which Shopify plan your store is on.

This app is highly customizable, allowing Shopify merchants to choose the wording - which is translatable, the icon and design of the wishlist feature. You can also choose whether user accounts need to be created in order for shoppers to add products to a wishlist. For shoppers to save their wishlist for later access on a different device, however, they will need to create an account.

A great aspect of this app is that your customers will have the ability to save items to their wishlist from anywhere in your store. This includes the homepage, collection pages, related products, search results, and even in quick view. So there are virtually no barriers to visitors to your store instantly using wishlists. They can also quickly share their wishlist via social media or email directly from the wishlist page.

demo of wishlist king | shopify wishlist

On the wishlist page, shoppers are able to select or change product variants for a smooth shopping experience. (Source: Wishlist King Demo Store)

Subscribers to Wishlist King will be granted access to Google Analytics to track conversion and metrics such as Top Products. This can go a long way in assisting you to restock items and identify trends. This data unfortunately can not be used within the app to craft marketing activities. However, they are exportable so you can use them in your existing marketing management tool.

This app is also great for merchants who would like to switch over from a currently used wishlist app. Existing wishlists can be imported so that your customers do not lose the products they have saved.

Smart Wishlist

Rating: 4.3 stars

Price: $4.99/month with a 60-day free trial

This app provides Shopify merchants with simple, but useful features at a reasonable price. Smart Wishlist places no limits on the number of wishlists that can be created across multiple domains. Visitors to your store can instantly create their wishlist from multiple pages without login or account creation unless they would like to view favorited products on a different device.

features of smart wishlist | shopify wishlist

Customers can easily add all items to cart, remove products and share their wishlist. (Source: Smart Wishlist)

Similar to the other apps, Smart Wishlist supports the sharing of wishlists via social media and email. Reports about detail usage and items in each of your customers’ wishlist are available.

You can also easily switch from a different app to this one as it supports importing wishlists from third-party providers. Plus, the extensive free trial ensures that you can be absolutely certain this app is the one for you before committing to it.

Wishl Favorites Wishlist

Rating: 5 stars

Price: From $9.99/month with a 15-day free trial

With Wishl Favorites Wishlist, visitors to your store can make wishlists to share across social media and email. There is no need for shoppers to create an account to add products to a wishlist. In fact, their wishlist will be saved for 90 days by default.

wishl favorites wishlist quick review | shopify wishlist

Shoppers can create multiple wishlists with an edited title and note about the wishlist itself and the products. (Source: Wishl Favorites Wishlist)

This app was created with the end-users in mind as it will provide great flexibility and customizations for your customers. Not only can they create multiple wishlists when logged in, but they can also annotate each wishlist and its products to include any information they desire. Plus, they will be able to effortlessly move products between wishlists. There’s a price drop tracker embedded on wishlist pages. This alert for price decrease acts as a boost for purchase.

Shopify merchants can also learn a lot about their customers. Wishl Favorites Wishlist comes with an analytics dashboard to show how many times particular products have been favorited, and which variant is most coveted.

Additionally, the app can send automated customizable wishlist reminder emails to further incentivize returning to the store to make a purchase from the wishlist. It’s also fully translatable within the app.

Harness The Power of Wishlists

Wishlists are a great tool to keep customers coming back to your store and getting more eyes on your business. When used together with insightful analytics, they can really assist in driving personalization and thus increasing sales.

As we find ourselves in the midst of the giving season, equipping your Shopify store with a wishlist function could be the key to unlocking higher sales with the Christmas spirit in mind. Give one of these top wishlist apps a try today!

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June 25, 2024
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