Site search usage on Sage and Paige increased 4x after using Boost Product Filter & Search

Ellie Ho
Jun 7, 2024
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Sage and Paige is a fully online fashion store heart-made by passionate designers who work in this industry for more than 10 years. With a strong belief in the eCommerce fashion industry, they chose Shopify and Product Filter & Search by Boost Commerce to help them bring in Australian fashion globally and let more clients know about Sage and Paige.

It's a pleasure for us to have a conversation with Arthur Chau from Sage and Paige team and discover how and why the Boost app helped to increase site search usage by 400% on their website.

The Challenges Of Sage and Paige and Of Fashion Commerce

Due to a wide variety of product options for colors, sizes, pricing, eCommerce fashion stores are in need of an effective storefront filtering system.

Filter by

Percentage of stores that offered it







Price filter, color swatch, and size filter are the TOP 3 product filters on eCommerce stores. (Source: Baymard)

Sage and Paige knew clearly that their clients would like to find the right items in their desired colors, styles, sizing, and price point. And they want to do it fast with faster search results. Therefore, a product filter and search is an essential add-on in their online store.

The Solutions Boost Product Filter & Search Offers and More

boost ai search and discovery

There are quite many product filter and search app options available on the Shopify Appstore. However, Sage and Paige gave Boost - the #1 app in this category - the first try and stick with it since then. Undoubtedly, the free trial fully satisfied both the store owner and its visitors.

Our filter by color is such an upgrade from the native filtering system by Shopify. Not only does it allow you to choose from multiple styles (round vs square, list vs grid), but you can also create double color swatches or image swatches with the Swatch settings.

filter by color with image upload on sage and paige  | boost product filter and search case study

The color palette for filtering on Sage and Paige is customized with image swatches.

With the filter by price, we set the display as a range slider by default. You can change it to box or list if you want, but the price slider is the most recommended. Our price slider comes with a value text box so shoppers can input the exact price range. On the slider track, there are pre-determined tick marks that you can customize in the Slider range and Slider step. This kind of discrete slider gives customers a better idea of what is the low, the middle, and the high value in the price range. Shorten values toggle switch, according to Mark Laurie - another long-term user of Boost, is a ‘quality of life’ enhancement. This setting isn't essential, but once you use it and it cleans up the UI, you really do appreciate it!

filter by price on sage and paige  | boost product filter and search case study

In addition to upgrading the filtering system, Boost Product Filter & Search helps to enhance the eCommerce search for Sage and Paige. Thanks to the Instant search display with smart algorithms like autocomplete, typo tolerance, spell check, site searchers can see the results in form of products, collections, or pages as they type the queries. In the tested environment, our lightning-fast search box show instant search results and suggestions in less than 200ms for up to 100,000 products.

instant search dropdown with autosuggestions  | boost product filter and search case study

Our search also comes with a myriad of upselling and cross-selling features like Synonyms, Redirects, Merchandising, Product Visibility.

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The Result After Using Boost App

Sage and Paige have been using Boost Product Filter & Search by Boost Commerce for around one year. According to the Site search report on Google Analytics, we can see that the number of sessions with search increased significantly from 500 to more than 2,000 within 2 months - a fourfold increase. In the peak season, it can almost reach 3,500 sessions with site search.

site search usage increased significantly after using boost product filter and search

The Bottom Line

To conclude the case study, we want to share a quote from Arthur. It's sheer bliss for us to see our users enjoying new features and new updates in every release.

“There is no perfect app for every single business, but Boost app did the update for us from time to time with various requirements and enhancements. We are so happy to stay with Boost.” - Arthur Chau from Sage and Paige team.

A big upgrade for Merchandising feature is coming very soon to assist merchants in their sales campaigns with more upselling and cross-selling functionalities. Stay tuned and make sure you have connected with us on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Youtube to get the latest news!

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June 17, 2024
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