Set up Shopify Affiliate Marketing Easily With UpPromote

Ellie Ho
Jun 7, 2024
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Together with the rise in e-commerce, we have seen a boom in affiliate marketing during recent years. Shopify affiliate marketing is a gold mine for Shopify merchants to extend their marketing channels and grow sales. This is because shoppers tend to be more careful when purchasing online, so they rely on influencers, key opinion leaders (KOLs), and even friends as a kind of affiliate to guide them toward purchases.

Today, we would like to introduce you to a Shopify app that can help online businesses set up and run affiliate campaigns. UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing is an all-in-one marketing tool to support you build, track, and succeed with affiliate marketing. You can build a professional affiliate campaign and easily approach potential affiliates with UpPromote.

About UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing

uppromote shopify affiliate marketing website

(Source: UpPromote)

UpPromote is a member of the Secomapp family with multiple top trending apps on the Shopify App Store. It was launched in 2019 with the purpose to provide Shopify merchants with a powerful tool to build, manage and succeed in their affiliate programs with ease.

It offers a 14-day free trial as well as a free plan so customers can test how UpPromote works. The support team is working around the clock to address any question or issue, which is a great highlight of the app. It has now earned more than 1,000 five-star reviews with an overall rating of 4.9. At the moment, the app is serving 35K+ global merchants, having 724K+ affiliates signed up, and reaching 25M+ sales thus far.

As BFCM and year-end sales are coming, there's no better time to invest in affiliate marketing with UpPromote to achieve higher conversions. Especially as Boost readers can get a 20% OFF lifetime deal when installing via this link. In case you’re still hesitant, let's explore the key features of UpPromote.

How UpPromote creates successful Shopify affiliate marketing campaigns for merchants

uppromote shopify affiliate marketing app listing

(Source: UpPromote on Shopify App Store)

Build a successful affiliate program within minutes

UpPromote has a very simple setup. The quick onboarding flow and guideline systems will help you understand how things work. It also runs you through a complete process of creating an affiliate program. Therefore, you will finish the onboarding with a ready-to-use campaign.

Moreover, it helps you to create a post-purchase popup. When a customer successfully places an order from your shop, a popup will show up on the Thank you page (after checking out) to introduce your affiliate program. As the app auto-generates referral affiliate links and coupons, shoppers will automatically have an affiliate account with an affiliate link showing up after clicking the Accept button on the popup. This is an excellent way to convert buyers into affiliates.

uppromote shopify affiliate marketing autogenerate coupon code

Auto-generate coupons on UpPromote.

UpPromote users can grow their affiliate pools easily with Multi-level marketing and Marketplace listings. The former allows each affiliate to invite and recruit others into the network while the latter lets you advertise your offers on the UpPromoter Marketplace where many others can find out about your program.

uppromote shopify affiliate marketing marketplace

The highlight feature of UpPromote is UpPromote Marketplace. If you feel tired of looking for affiliates/influencers, you can widely expand your affiliate team by finding affiliates’ profiles or free listing your offers on the UpPromote Marketplace.

Motivate and manage affiliate performance to earn more

To assist your affiliates, UpPromote offers Creatives space. This is where you can upload images, files, video links, or other materials to help them promote your products better. Your affiliates can view, copy/download, or get the HTML code (images only) to share the media assets with their audiences.

The integration with Paypal and many other online payment organizations allows you to process payments for your affiliates automatically within a few clicks.

The UpPromote app allows you to track every click, order from affiliates, and their performance with various and reliable tracking methods. From Professional plan and up, you can have access to ​​Product Analytics where you can view the top referred products and highest revenue products by all affiliates or each affiliate. From these insights, it's easier to initiate proactive rewards for top affiliates and encourage them to keep up the good work.

uppromote shopify affiliate marketing reports
uppromote shopify affiliate marketing tracking

Reliable tracking process on UpPromote.

To sum up

Affiliate marketing is an ideal marketing model for dropshipping businesses to advertise products and increase revenue without any upfront cost. With advanced and valuable features, UpPromote helps Shopify stores around the world to conquer common problems and elevate their affiliate marketing strategy.

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June 17, 2024
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