Case Study: How Boost Product Filter & Search helps Miolé Home With Senior Customers

Ellie Ho
Jun 7, 2024
3 min read

The elderly segment is a potential target audience for retailers as they usually have a larger spending capacity. However, it's challenging to win these customers, especially in the online shopping environment. Miolé Home, the #1 home textile retailer in Chile has found a solution with the help of Boost Product Filter & Search app.

About Miolé Home

Miolé Home is a long-established home textile business in Chile. Their first store was opened 20 years ago; however, the online store was just launched in 2020. Harnessing the power of eCommerce and in-store selling, Miolé Home has become the #1 home textile retailer in Chile.

boost product filter and search app case study

On their way to taking over online shopping, Miolé Home has chosen Boost Product Filter & Search app as a solution to optimize product discovery and navigation on their e-commerce website. After just several months of using the Boost app, Neeraj Mohandas from Miolé Home has had excellent experiences with the app features and the support team.

The Challenge Of Serving The Older Segment

Shoppers at Miolé Home are mostly seniors. The average customer age is around 50 years old. This age group is known to be more demanding and selective, yet, they are not very familiar with modern and latest technology.

As a result, the product discovery experience on Miolé Home should be easy and straightforward. The ultimate goal is the make middle-aged customers find as fast as possible what they are looking for. The online store needs to deliver the necessary information like price and size so shoppers can decide to purchase in an instant.

The Solutions That The Boost App Offers

boost ai search and discovery

Boost Product Filter & Search app helped the store create collection filters such as category, size, and price in an instant. This is a beginner-friendly app so non-tech-savvy merchants can easily set up a filter tree from basic options to more advanced ones like tags or metafields within a few clicks.

Moreover, the Boost filters can be tailored to each collection. Therefore, shoppers will only see relevant criteria to narrow down the listing pages as they want. There is also a filter on search result pages for the searchers to conveniently get the right products.


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The Boost app is integrated with a lot of popular themes on Shopify, including Turbo theme used by Miolé Home. As a result, the look and feel of Boost filters can match that of the online store right after enabled. Boost support team also helps merchants refine meticulous details upon request. As for Miolé Home, Neeraj would like the mobile styling to look better so Joseph Ng - technical support from Boost - applied the change within a few hours.

before and after boost product filter and search customization

Boost Product Filter & Search app is not only suitable for regular merchants, but the app is also highly customizable. Hence, tech experts can refer to the developers' docs or request our experienced technical supporters to expand the app's capabilities.

The Results

Neeraj Mohandas and Miolé Home team were absolutely satisfied with the app functions and the free customization. Thanks for the 5-star review on Shopify and the encouraging words.

miole home testimonial | boost product filter and search case study

Customer satisfaction is our motivation to keep moving forward. 2023 will be a bolder year for Boost and the app as we will soon embrace the latest AI technology to our site search engines and more. Stay tuned, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Youtube, and subscribe the the newsletter below to be the first ones to get the updates!

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June 17, 2024
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