How A Page Builder With AI Can Help Build A High-Converting Shopify Page?

Cici Nguyen
Jun 7, 2024
3 min read

Building an e-store was a desperate trouble years ago. It has been a different story with the ever-growing technology applied by page builders. A page builder is a platform to provide ultimate storefront customization solutions for people who want to run an e-business but have no coding and design expertise.

Page builders can efficiently support users to build eCommerce pages for less time and money. With the revolution of AI and ChatGPT, page builders can’t help upgrading themselves to be more conversion-focused and bringing customer experience to the next level. In this article, let’s unveil how a page builder with AI-powered features can help build high-converting Shopify stores.

AI implementation to reduce manual work

If you have no time for manual work like dragging and dropping a single element, you should try Image-to-Layout, GemPages’ first AI-powered feature. It is a groundbreaking innovation powered by GemAI- GemPages’ built-in AI engine that can convert images or URLs to editable layouts in minutes. By doing this, page building is no longer a burden in managing your Shopify stores.

GemPages 7.0 Image-to-Layout

Using Image-to-Layout needs a reference image or a URL that represents the desired appearance of your store page. Inserting this into the feature will initiate a remarkable process. It automatically generates an utterly editable layout that closely resembles your input.

Now, it's time for your imagination to soar! You can freely unleash your creativity by modifying colors, incorporating new elements, selecting fonts and styles, and more. Every aspect of your online store can be customized to reflect its distinctiveness.

Furthermore, this AI functionality simplifies transferring your store from other eCommerce platforms to Shopify. With just a single click, it facilitates the design migration of your online store, ensuring a seamless transition without any complications.

Massive UI upgrades bring more joy

Not only the innovative feature, but the release of Editor 7.0 also introduces significant upgrades to the UI/UX, resulting in a more intuitive interface, a streamlined building process, and an improved overall user experience.

New Sidebar and Topbar

GemPages enable the effortless creation of visually stunning pages, even for users without design or coding skills. Experiencing Editor 7.0, users can experience a more simplified building process with the redesigned Sidebar and Topbar.

GemPages 7.0 Upgrade

The revamped Sidebar and Topbar provide convenient access to all essential features, eliminating the need for extensive navigation within the interface. Now, you can quickly locate and utilize the necessary tools without searching.

New Element List

Element list is not a new thing to any GemPages users. Even if you are new to GemPages, you can now find it extremely easy and time-saving to locate elements usually searched by names. Users can quickly identify elements based on their appearance without knowing their jargon names. The new element icons have been redesigned to look exactly like how they will appear on your page. Elements are now frequency-based to maximize workflow.

GemPages new element list

Furthermore, the top search bar is an efficient tool to assist you in finding specific items or features within the platform, simplifying the search process.

At the bottom of the Element List, you'll find a curated collection of third-party apps. This compilation grants you access to various tools and services that enhance your page-building journey.

New Inline Text Editor

GemPages Editor 7.0 gives you access to the innovative Inline Text Editor feature, offering enhanced control over text styling. A user-friendly toolbar is presented by simply clicking on a text element, providing you with all the necessary options to style the text according to your preferences.

GemPages 7.0 Inline Text Editor

Comprehensive enhancements maximize efficiency

Enhancement is never enough while serving customers. In this GemPages 7.0, feature enhancements are massive to ensure a smoother and more productive page-building journey.

Real-time Update in Section Builder

The latest improvement in the Section Builder provides a seamless way to design a global section that can be effortlessly inserted into multiple pages. With the real-time update capability, any modifications to a global section will automatically synchronize with all other pages that utilize the same section.

This powerful feature eliminates the requirement for manual updates on individual pages. It not only saves time and effort but also ensures a consistent and professional appearance across all web pages.

Smoother Drag and Drop Interactions

The heart of page building, Drag & Drop, is now taken to the next level in GemPages 7.0. This latest improvement simplifies your interaction with essential elements for building web pages. You can also swiftly insert templates or sections between two existing sections within the design area.

GemPages 7.0 Drag & Drop

GemPages 7.0 is at your disposal

Page building is never an easy game, but it can be easier with GemPages. GemPages 7.0 with the AI-powered feature and multiple upgrades and enhancements are definitely empowering users in the most innovative way.

Furthermore, more intriguing features powered by GemAI with limitless possibilities will soon be presented to transform the eCommerce experience to the next level!

To have first-hand experience with the 7.0 upgrade, don’t hesitate to join their waitlist to be notified of D-Day!


About Boost Commerce and GemPages Integration

GemPages and BoostCommerce have joined hands to create a robust integration that revolutionizes how businesses build and optimize online stores. GemPages, a leading drag-and-drop page builder, combines its intuitive interface and customizable features with BoostCommerce's advanced product filter and search capabilities. This integration allows users to effortlessly design stunning storefronts and enhance the browsing experience for customers. With GemPages and BoostCommerce working hand in hand, businesses can now easily create visually appealing and highly functional online stores, resulting in increased customer engagement and improved conversion rates.

Cici Nguyen
Email Marketing Specialist
June 17, 2024
6 min read