What You Can Expect After The Release Of Boost 3.0

Ellie Ho
Jun 7, 2024
3 min read

It has been a month since the highly anticipated launch of Boost AI Search & Discovery, and we hope that all Boost users have had the opportunity to experience the incredible power of our latest features.

Our team has been hard at crafting a suite of tools that leverage the most cutting-edge artificial intelligence capabilities, and we are excited to share them with you. From natural language processing to advanced machine learning algorithms, there has never been a better time to explore the capabilities of our platform. So let's take some moments to see how Boost AI Search & Discovery is received and what you can expect in the next release phase of the app.

How Do Boost Users Feel About Boost 3.0?

Since our huge feature updates in mid-April 2023, Boost team has received a lot of user feedback. At Boost, we truly appreciate and take all the comments seriously. There have been 14 more five-star reviews on the Shopify Appstore since the launch of Boost 3.0: Boost AI Search & Discovery. As we are committed to improving our product further to meet the needs of YOU, your sharing has been an excellent source for us to keep refining our offerings.

five star review for boost ai search and discovery

During the first month of the big release, we made some settings more straightforward based on merchants' feedback. We believe that listening to our users is vital to building a successful product, and we are grateful for all the input we have received so far. In addition, we are constantly exploring new features and functionalities that we can add to our product to enhance the user experience. We are excited about the future of Boost and look forward to continuing to serve our community of users.

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Feature Progress So Far & What You Can Expect Next

AI-powered Search

Intelligent eCommerce search enhanced with Natural Language Processing (NLP), Named-entity Recognition, and Facet Extraction is one of the main focuses of Boost from now on. Our AI-powered search, alongside AI-generated synonyms and scoped suggestions, has been tailored for each industry vertical. There has been much positive feedback for the new search engine powered by AI technologies.

shopify store using ai powered search by boost ai search and discovery
five star review for ai search in boost ai search and discovery

Toodlegram’s site search using Boost AI Search & Discovery can handle long-tail and complex queries seamlessly thanks to the smart search algorithms enhanced by AI.

In the next phase of AI-powered search, we will add one more pillar to the AI-powered engine to make it customized for the industry in general and the online store in particular. Product Performance Ranking will be taken into account when Boost's search engine returns results for a search. This helps boost the ranking of hot-selling items while slow-moving products become less visible. Everything will be running automatically. It's like a search merchandising strategy without you having to set up one.

There will be a myriad of factors, such as click-through rate, conversion rate, search abandonment rate, etc, in Product Performance Ranking metrics. This will ensure the best-match products likely to bring you more revenue will be more “discoverable".

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Visual Merchandising

Merchandising capacities in Boost 3.0 are extended to both site search results (Commerce Search) and Collection pages. While the feature is getting more powerful, we also got some feedback regarding the UI/UX. Therefore, Boost users will be able to see some changes in Merchandising settings very soon.

the new ui ux of visual merchandising

The UI/UX of the Visual Merchandising feature will be more intuitive (like in the above preview photo) very shortly.

These updates aim to clarify AND/OR logic between conditions and between condition groups. Conditions within one group follow AND logic, while Conditions between distinct groups follow OR logic. The new UI/UX of Merchandising feature will make this more straightforward.

Besides, the preview mode will be separated for each search term when you create a merchandising rule for multiple queries. This will help Boost users have a better idea of how the rule works. We will also add the “Contain" operator in the Apply to setting. Currently, Commerce Search Merchandising only accepts exact-matching keywords, which is not user-friendly. Hence, the update will be made very soon.

Regarding setting up merchandising strategies like Pin, Boost, Demote, Hide, and Filter, we will divide condition settings into By Attributes and By Product Items. The latter option will allow you to select the exact product to add to the merchandising strategies.

Product Recommendation

Product Recommendation is a brand-new Boost AI Search & Discovery feature. Still, it has been the favorite of many Boost users.

product recommendation on a shopify store

Boost's Product Recommendation on Yes Bebe store.

Our vision for Product Recommendation is that it will be able to cover every customer touchpoint on their online shopping journey. Hence, we are working hard to add more pages where you can add Boost's product recommendation widget.

product recommendation roadmap

Another thing that will be released in the future is Manual settings for two AI-powered Product Recommendation types: Frequently Bought Together and Related Items. These settings are expected to give Boost users more control over the AI/ML model and fine-tune it to match the specific store and business goals.

The flow to add a recommendation widget to a theme and a page will be the subsequent optimization in the next stage. The current process requires some manual set-up, we have to admit. So the engineering team is working on an intuitive approach to reduce user manual work.

Analytics of Boost AI Search & Discovery

Data is precious to business decision-makers. However, a miscalculation or inaccuracy in data tracking can spoil the whole report, leading to false insights. That's why we are super careful when developing and releasing new Analytics metrics.

In the official release of Boost AI Search & Discovery, we have updated more search engagement and search abandonment metrics like Click rate, Click count, Searches without Click, etc. These new reports have been proven to be very useful in optimizing search and merchandising settings.

Currently, more metrics are on the way to be delivered to all Boost users. These updates will embrace App Impact (like sales and conversion contributed by Boost) and Recommendation analytics.

recommendation analytics overview

The brand-new Recommendation analytics is expected to be launched in Q2-Q3/2023.

Theme and App Integration

To be a leading Shopify app trusted by the majority of merchants, the app needs to be compatible with popular themes and other apps in the ecosystem. As a result, our team is focusing on increasing the number of matched themes for Boost 3.0. Additionally, the Layout Library will be soon equipped with more pre-built templates. This will save merchants from the manual set-ups for the Product item and Collection header.

new product item layout in the layout library of boost ai search and discovery

We have examined popular product item layouts and will release new templates in the Layout Library in Q2 and Q3.

Regarding app integration, we have official partnerships with more than 30 apps at present. Integration with Product Reviews apps can be done automatically using a switch. Boost team is also developing auto-flows to integrate with apps in other categories.

We'd Love To Hear From You

During the official launch month of Boost AI Search & Discovery, we understand that you may have some concerns or questions about our new features, and we want to assure you that we are here to help. Our team of experts is always available to answer any questions you may have and provide you with the support you need to get the most out of the Boost app.

If you haven't tried our new AI-powered features yet, hop on the FREE TRIAL now. We believe that you will be impressed with the results and the impact they can have on your productivity and efficiency.

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June 17, 2024
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