Case Study: Özel Beslenme & The Quest for Enhanced Online Search Experience

Ellie Ho
Jun 7, 2024
3 min read

Özel Beslenme is a dynamic online store based in Turkey. They are dedicated to offering specialized nutritional products. Catering to a wide range of dietary needs with nearly 2,000 products, this eCommerce store has become a go-to destination for health-conscious consumers in Turkey.

However, with an ever-growing inventory and a diverse customer base, Özel Beslenme faced a critical challenge: enhancing their online search experience. Recognizing the pivotal role of efficient and intuitive search functionality in e-commerce success, the company sought a solution that could not only keep pace with its expanding product range but also cater to the nuanced search preferences of its customers.

This case study delves into how Özel Beslenme transformed its online search experience by implementing Boost AI Search & Discovery, setting a new benchmark in customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

results a shopify store using boost ai search and discovery achieved

Navigating the Maze: The Search Challenge

Prior to the integration of Boost AI Search & Discovery, Özel Beslenme grappled with a significant hurdle in its digital journey – an underperforming search function. This critical aspect of the online shopping experience was marred by slow response times, limited relevance in search results, and an inability to handle customers' diverse and often complex search queries effectively. Consequently, this inadequacy led to a noticeable impact on user experience and, more critically, on sales.

Customers often found themselves lost in a sea of products, unable to locate specific items or explore alternatives effectively. This frustration was not only a barrier to immediate sales but also eroded customer loyalty and trust over time. The lack of advanced features like synonym recognition and efficient merchandising further compounded the problem, leaving Özel Beslenme in search of a robust solution that could adapt to their growing needs and diverse customer base.

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Revolutionizing Search with Boost AI Search & Discovery: The Solution

Özel Beslenme's journey with Boost AI Search & Discovery was marked by a strategic and thoughtful integration process aimed at addressing the specific challenges and aspirations of the online store.

At the core of this implementation was the lightning-fast instant search dropdown, a feature that dramatically transformed the user's interaction with the search function. As customers typed in their queries, relevant results appeared instantaneously, significantly accelerating the search process and enhancing the overall user experience. This feature not only saved valuable time for the shoppers but also provided them with a glimpse of the vast array of products available at their fingertips.

boost ai instant search dropdown real example on ozel beslenme

Search-as-you-type or Search autocomplete feature on Özel Beslenme. The instant results powered by Boost are a mix of products, search term suggestions, Categories, and Blogs & Pages. This diversity helps satisfy various customers' search intent.

Boost's users can also enable the Search box onclick feature, which auto-suggests popular search terms or recent searches to give visitors a nudge.

search box onclick autosuggest recent input search terms

Özel Beslenme choose to show Recent Searches right after customers land on the search bar to remind them of their previous interests.

Another critical aspect of Boost's implementation was Relevance settings. Özel Beslenme leveraged this feature to fine-tune the search algorithm, ensuring that the results displayed are in sync with the store’s data structure and customers' intentions and preferences. By adjusting the priority of searchable properties, the store could present more relevant and tailored search outcomes, thereby improving customer satisfaction and the likelihood of successful transactions.

customize search relevance using relevance setting

(This is the demo settings, not the settings of Özel Beslenme)

The introduction of Search synonyms is a bolt-on in handling customers' diverse search queries. This feature allowed Özel Beslenme to link various terms to similar products, ensuring that the search tool could effectively address a wide range of customer needs and preferences. For instance, searching for a common synonym of a product would still lead the customer to the desired item, thereby enhancing the comprehensiveness and utility of the search function.

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Furthermore, Search merchandising is strategically utilized to manage the visibility of products. With Boost, out-of-stock items were automatically pushed to the bottom of the listing pages. This approach not only streamlined the shopping experience but also minimized customer frustration, ensuring that the available and most relevant products were prioritized in search results.

out of stock products at the bottom of the page thanks to boost ai

The filter tree and sorting options on the search result pages are a significant addition, empowering customers with the ability to re-arrange the product listings according to their specific needs and preferences. This level of customization in search results was instrumental in providing a personalized shopping experience, allowing customers to navigate through the extensive product offerings of Özel Beslenme effortlessly.

custom filter and sorting options backed by boost ai

Through each of these features, Boost AI Search & Discovery is intricately woven into the fabric of Özel Beslenme's online platform, creating a search experience that is efficient and responsive and deeply aligned with their customers' unique needs and expectations.

Tangible Triumphs: A Leap in Search Efficiency and Revenue

The implementation of Boost AI Search & Discovery heralded a new era of success for Özel Beslenme. The improvements in search functionality translated into significant, measurable results, underscoring the efficacy of Boost in transforming the online shopping experience.

  • Surge in Search Usage: One of the most striking outcomes was the dramatic increase in the use of the search function. In November 2023, the number of searches conducted on Özel Beslenme’s platform reached a peak of over 34,000. This surge not only indicated enhanced user engagement but also reflected the effectiveness and user-friendliness of the search tool.
  • Revenue Uplift from Search: In tandem with the increased search usage, there was a notable boost in revenue generated through search-driven purchases. In November 2023 alone, the total revenue attributable to search stood at 191,135 Turkish Lira. This remarkable figure was a testament to the direct impact of an optimized search experience on sales performance.
  • Enhanced Average Order Value: From November 2023 to January 2024, there was a significant 50% increase in the average order value. This jump in order value was indicative of the more efficient, satisfying search experience enabling customers to find and purchase higher-value products more easily.

These results not only demonstrate the tangible benefits of Boost AI Search & Discovery for Özel Beslenme but also highlight the critical role of advanced search functionality in enhancing online retail performance.

Enhanced User Journey: Feedback from the Front Lines

The implementation of Boost AI Search & Discovery at Özel Beslenme significantly elevated the user experience. Customers reported a smoother, more intuitive search process, appreciating the speed and accuracy with which they could now find products. The instant search dropdown feature, in particular, received widespread acclaim for its ability to display relevant results swiftly, saving time and enhancing the shopping experience.

Moreover, the flexibility offered by the filter tree and sorting options allowed customers to tailor their search results, adding a layer of personalization that was highly valued. Positive feedback flowed in, with customers expressing satisfaction at how easily they could locate products, discover alternatives, and make informed purchase decisions.

This uplift in customer satisfaction was a clear indicator of the successful integration of Boost AI Search & Discovery, underlining its role in not just driving sales, but in forging a stronger, more loyal customer base for Özel Beslenme.

A New Horizon in E-Commerce Search Experience

In conclusion, Özel Beslenme's integration of Boost AI Search & Discovery has been a resounding success, marked by enhanced user experience, increased search usage, and significant revenue growth.

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