How Maui Divers Jewelry Got 700+ Orders With Boost and 1400+ Positive Reviews With Growave

Ellie Ho
Jun 7, 2024
3 min read

The eCommerce jewelry sector is experiencing a remarkable upward trajectory. Even as brick-and-mortar stores regain popularity post-pandemic, online jewelry platforms experienced a 6.9% increase in monthly unique users from 2021 to 2022.

Keeping pace with this digital surge, Maui Divers Jewelry, renowned for its exquisite Hawaiian-inspired creations, has strategically allied with top technology providers like Growave and Boost Commerce.

This case study explores how Maui Divers Jewelry leveraged innovative eCommerce solutions to overcome significant challenges and enhance the online shopping experience for their customers.

Read the case study from Growave.

The Challenge: Preserving Brand Integrity While Enhancing Online Engagement

Maui Divers Jewelry, with its rich heritage and reputation for crafting timeless jewelry, found itself in a unique dilemma. As a brand that paralleled luxury labels in its appeal and customer expectations, the challenge was to enhance online engagement without diluting its brand prestige. Traditional aggressive marketing strategies risked undermining its refined brand identity, and the visual allure of its pieces could hardly be captured through mere images or descriptions alone.

The primary issues faced by Maui Divers Jewelry included:

  • High Product Value Perception: The intricate craftsmanship of each piece justified a higher price point, which led to hesitation and cart abandonment by potential buyers.
  • Customer Assurance Needs: With high-value items, customers needed more than just product listings to make a purchase decision; they required assurance from credible, independent sources.
  • Engagement Challenges: The brand needed a strategy that would allow continuous engagement with their customers without seeming intrusive or diminishing the brand’s value.

To navigate through these challenges while upholding its brand integrity, Maui Divers Jewelry embraced two innovative solutions: Growave and Boost AI Search & Discovery.

Tech Stack #1: Integrating Growave's E-commerce Tools

Growave offered a suite of tools tailored to enhance customer interaction without compromising the brand’s luxury appeal:

  • Wishlist: This feature allows customers to save items and come back later, reducing immediate purchase pressure and cart abandonment. It also facilitated sharing, which indirectly increased product exposure.
  • Social Login and Email Notifications: Simplifying the login process and capturing customer details for tailored communication helped maintain engagement and allowed the brand to send personalized updates and offers.
  • Reviews and Q&A: These features provided new customers with the reassurance they needed from other buyers’ experiences, subtly integrated within the site to maintain the aesthetic and functional flow.

Tech Stack #2: Boost AI Search & Discovery For Optimized On-site Experience

Recognizing the limitations of their existing search functionality, Maui Divers Jewelry implemented Boost’s AI-powered search and discovery features.

On another front, Maui Divers Jewelry recognized the need to overhaul their search functionality. The introduction of an AI-powered search system transformed how customers interacted with the site. This advanced tool was adept at understanding and predicting customer intent, delivering fast and relevant search results that aligned perfectly with the users' expectations.

instant search powered by ai search and discovery

Instant search dropdown shows suggested results as shoppers are typing the keywords.

Advanced filters further refined this process, allowing customers to pinpoint their desires precisely. Navigation through an extensive catalog on Maui Divers Jewelry is now a piece of cake thanks to multiple narrowing options. These filters provide precise control over parameters, including jewelry type, precious metal, gemstone, and review rating collected by Growave. Customers, as a result, can isolate items that meet their specific needs instantly. This leads to a more enjoyable and efficient shopping experience.

boost ai search and discovery filter tree

By making high-end jewelry more accessible and less daunting, Boost's product filters play a crucial role in converting browsing into sales and retaining a sophisticated clientele that values efficiency and specificity.

Moreover, the strategic implementation of Search Merchandising empowers Maui Divers Jewelry to showcase their products more effectively. By setting rules that influence the search results, the brand could align product visibility with marketing strategies and inventory needs, enhancing product discoverability and driving sales.

Results: Quantifiable Success in E-Commerce Enhancement

Growave significantly enhances Maui Divers Jewelry's customer engagement by helping the brand adapt to consumer preferences through advanced analytics and customized strategies. This integration facilitated ongoing improvements, boosting customer satisfaction and cultivating lasting loyalty.

The integration with Boost AI Search & Discovery also brought significant improvements:

  • Revenue Growth from Filter and Search Engagement: Boost’s solutions helped generate a six-digit revenue figure within 90 days.
  • Improved Conversion Rates from Filter and Search Engagement: The conversion rate improved to 0.85%, indicating that many visitors completed purchases.
  • Increased Order Volume from Filter and Search Engagement: Over 700 orders were directly linked to improved search and filter capabilities within 90 days.

These results underscore the importance of tailored eCommerce solutions for luxury brands like Maui Divers Jewelry. By aligning technological enhancements with brand values, the company not only preserved its prestigious reputation but also significantly enhanced its market performance.

It's Your Turn!

Maui Divers Jewelry’s case study is a compelling example for eCommerce merchants, especially those in the luxury segment. It shows that with the right tools and strategies, potential online challenges can be transformed into substantial business success.

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June 25, 2024
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