Case Study: Couture Candy Transforms Women's Occasional Dress Shopping with Boost AI

Ellie Ho
Jun 7, 2024
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case study couture candy boost ai search and discovery

Established in 2005, Couture Candy has solidified its position as the go-to eCommerce destination for special occasion dresses in the USA. With an impressive collection boasting over 60,000 unique products, Couture Candy has become synonymous with curating the latest fashion trends from a diverse array of renowned designers. The brand's commitment to blending affordability with style is evident in every selection, allowing customers to embrace their fashion aspirations wholeheartedly and without compromise

Introducing a compelling case study presented by Gary, the Marketing Head at Couture Candy. Join us on a journey as we explore the transformative impact of Boost AI Search & Discovery on the shopping experience for Women's Occasional Dresses. Gary's insights and expertise guide us through the implementation of advanced tools and server integration, shedding light on how Boost AI has elevated visual appeal and search conversion rates at Couture Candy

About Couture Candy

"We define "value" as a fusion of staying at the forefront of fashion trends, featuring coveted brands, and delivering premium apparel and accessories at prices that ensure affordability. How do we achieve this? Through a strategic approach of offering the latest designer styles in-season, complemented by rapid markdowns, seasonal promotions, and innovative price-matching technology."

Eric Jones, the CEO of Couture Candy

Challenges Faced

  • Limited Visual Appeal: The existing tools didn't sufficiently enhance the store's visual appeal, hindering a captivating and personalized shopping experience.
  • Merchandising Complexity: Managing filters and collection options across diverse pages proved challenging, impacting the seamless integration of these features with the store's theme.
  • Scalability Concerns: With a vast inventory of 60,000 products and over 100 collections, scalability became a concern. The existing infrastructure struggled to maintain optimal performance and reliability.

Solutions Offered by Boost AI Search & Discovery

Advanced Merchandising Tools:

Boost AI transformed Couture Candy's visual appeal with advanced merchandising tools. Custom filters, collection filters, and versatile options seamlessly integrated with the store's theme, crafting a tailored and visually pleasing customer experience.

case study couture candy boost ai

Improved Search Conversion:

Boost AI's intelligent search algorithms revolutionized search accuracy, addressing the challenge of low conversion rates. With enhanced relevance in search queries, customers now discover products more efficiently, leading to increased satisfaction.

What Couture Candy Has Achieved With Boost

  • Elevated Visual Appeal: Advanced merchandising tools not only improved the overall visual appeal but also created a more engaging and personalized shopping experience.
  • Boosted Conversion Rate: Thanks to Boost AI's intelligent search algorithms, the conversion rate from search results experienced a notable increase of 22% in conversion rates in October 2023, resulting in heightened satisfaction among customers.

Marketing Chief's Review: The Impact of Boost

“The support from the Boost Support Team is truly remarkable. Whether you're grappling with any kind of issue, they go the extra mile to assist you in resolving it, ensuring seamless operation for your store. I highly recommend their services."

Gary, Marketing Head


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