Turn Browsers Into Buyers: Maximize ROI With Boost's AI-Powered Personalization

Doki Nguyen
Jun 14, 2024
3 min read

Ever imagine building an eCommerce store where any visitor feels like they've walked into their favorite, personalized shopping haven?

Search suggestions will guide users towards products they have in mind, while subtle recommendations will spark those delightful 'Oh, I didn’t know I needed that!' moments.

This - is the power of AI-powered personalization, and it's not just about creating magical shopping experiences (though that's certainly a perk!).

Let us introduce you to our latest innovation in product discovery: Boost's AI-powered Personalization. This latest release goes beyond the feel-good factor.  It's about truly understanding your customers and their unique needs and desires.

By analyzing vast amounts of data - past purchases, browsing behavior, and even subtle preferences - our AI crafts a personalized shopping experience for every visitor. This translates to effortless buying decisions and unlocks the hidden potential of your web traffic, boosting your return on investment (ROI).

What is Boost’s AI-powered Personalization?

Boost’s personalization uses AI technology to learn about your customers' unique interests.

It analyzes past purchases, what they browse on your site, and even their preferences (like favorite colors or styles) to show them products they'd love. 

Our Personalization consists of Personalized Search and Personalized Recommendation, all empowered by AI.

boost personalization powered by ai

Personalized Search: Your Customers, Their Way

Traditionally, search results are based on keywords alone. 

But what if they could be tailored to each individual's unique needs? By using AI to analyze the the insights gathered about your customers behavior, the Boost’s Personalized Recommendation tool can refine search results in real-time, surfacing relevant products they're most likely to love.

With this knowledge, it refines search results in real-time, surfacing relevant products they're most likely to love.

For example, a customer searching for "sunglasses" doesn't just want any products with “sunglasses” in its title or description. Personalized Search analyzes their past purchases (maybe they prefer a certain brand) and browsing behavior (perhaps they've looked at barbie styles). This allows them to see a personalized selection of running shoes that perfectly match their preferences, saving them time and frustration.

personalized search in boost ai search and discovery

Personalized Recommendations: Discover Hidden Gems 

Boost’s Personalized Recommendation goes beyond the generic “Trending products” that other customers are also buying. 

We leverage the power of user data and machine learning to curate a list of suggested products that feel hand-picked just for them. 

Imagine a customer browsing dresses. Personalized Recommendation feature might showcase trendy styles they haven't discovered yet, based on their browsing history and preferences. This not only helps them discover hidden items in your sea of products but also increases the chance of a purchase.

boost ai personalized recommendation

How does Boost’s AI-powered Personalization work?

Now that we know Boost’s Personalization can put products that feel hand-picked just for individual customers upfront. Here's how it works in simpler terms:

  • Boost gathers visitor information: Our app collects data on what your customers do on your site. User data includes user behavior, purchases, clicks, views, and interactions with products.
  • Boost segments user profiles: We build user profiles based on visitors' searches and purchases. These profiles constantly learn and update to ensure the most relevant shopping experience.
  • It applies machine learning and training models: Our app automatically processes the collected data with machine learning algorithms and identifies patterns or preferences across the user base.
  • Shows them what they'll love: Using that knowledge, Boost shows search results and recommends products that are a perfect fit for each visitor to your store. 

The result? A win-win for everyone! Customers find what they need quickly, and your business thrives with increased sales and happy (and most likely to be loyal) shoppers.

Why choose Boost’s AI-powered Personalization?

Deliver true personalization over generic shopping experiences

In today's saturated online marketplace, generic experiences leave customers feeling unseen and their needs unmet. 

Studies reveal that 77% of consumers demand a more personalized shopping experience.  They're bombarded with irrelevant recommendations and struggle to find what they truly desire. This translates to lost sales for your business and frustration for your customers.

The power of personalization is undeniable. Here's a glimpse of the latest data showcasing its impact:

  • 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that remember their preferences.
  • 74% of Gen Zers are interested in personalized products, demonstrating the growing demand for tailored experiences.

This is where Boost's AI-powered personalization steps in. We help you craft individual shopping journeys that your customers love.

Boost your bottom line with rising conversion rates through personalization

Personalization is key to delivering relevant search results and product recommendations. By connecting shoppers with the items they need more efficiently, you reduce the time it takes for them to make a purchase.

Increased relevance directly translates to higher "add to cart" rates, as shoppers are exposed to products they genuinely want. Research shows that visitors who viewed three pages of personalized content had a conversion rate of 3.4%, double that of those who saw only two pages (1.7%). Grocery companies see a 1-2% increase in total sales when incorporating personalization in their strategies. Other retailers can experience even higher gains, driven by increased satisfaction, loyalty, and spending from existing customers.

personalization increase conversion rate chart

In our Personalized Search user pool, we observed substantial increases in click-through and conversion rates (16.6% and 19.7%, respectively) after implementing personalization.

Plug-and-play setup and pre-built intelligence by Boost

Boost’s AI-powered Personalization offers a powerful yet simple solution for eCommerce businesses of all sizes.  

Our pre-built intelligence eliminates the need for lengthy development times, meaning you can be up and running with personalized search and recommendations in no time, with no need to have a development team.  

Also, Boost uses a plug-and-play approach, integrating seamlessly with your existing store.  Most importantly, our AI technology focuses on the areas that matter most - those crucial conversion points on your website.  

This ensures you're maximizing the impact of personalization and driving real results for your business.

FAQs on Boost’s AI-powered Personalization 

Q: How safe is my store data and customer privacy with Boost?

A: We prioritize data privacy. Your store data and customer information is anonymized and used solely to enhance your search and recommendation experience.

Q: Can Boost's AI track and adapt to real-time user interaction?

A: Yes! A core strength of Boost is its ability to adapt search results and recommendations based on a user's ongoing behavior on your store. This ensures personalization is dynamic and reflects current interests.

Q: How much data does Boost AI need?

A: While more data is naturally beneficial, Boost AI can leverage any available data to improve your shopper experience. Even if you're starting out, it's never too early to personalize!

How to use Boost’s AI-powered Personalization

Turn browsers into delighted shoppers with Boost’s AI-powered Personalization!

Imagine the possibilities with Boost: effortless buying decisions, skyrocketing conversions, and loyal customers who feel truly valued.

Ready to unlock the hidden potential of your web traffic and transform your e-commerce store? Let Boost be your partner in creating engaging, personalized experiences that drive customer satisfaction and maximize your ROI. Get started today!

Note: Our AI Personalization features are exclusive for Professional package. However, we are offering 60-day free trial of Personalization for Basic and Essential users. Registration is closed on June 25th 2024 and only 100 slots available. So, be real quick!

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July 1, 2024
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