Best Shopify Themes To Drive Conversion For Fashion Stores in 2023

Ellie Ho
Jun 7, 2024
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Are you a budding fashion entrepreneur ready to share your styles with the online world? Perhaps you’ve been in the fashion eCommerce game for a while now and want to take your store to the next level. Whichever you fall into, one thing you’ll definitely need is a conversion-boosting Shopify theme that compliments your brand.

There are thousands of Shopify themes out there, all promising to deliver exceptional results with tons of different features. This can make finding the perfect fit for your fashion store a daunting task. To help you battle the overload, we’ve compiled the best Shopify themes for fashion stores of all shapes and sizes.

What To Look For in a Shopify Theme For Your Fashion Store

requirements of a great themes for fashion stores are speed, visual, variant picker

To find the perfect Shopify theme for your fashion brand, you need to get into the minds of your potential customers. What capabilities are going to help them find their ideal items with little friction? What makes them tick? On top of that, you’ll need to make sure that the theme you choose makes the design process effortless, and helps you convey your brand’s image with ease.

Shopify themes are inundated with long lists of features. While they all can sound great, there are a few essential features you need to keep an eye out for.

Mobile optimization

Mobile commerce is starting to take the front seat when it comes to global eCommerce sales. In 2023, it’s expected to command over 43% of retail eCommerce sales. This is way more pronounced among fashion consumers with 56% of sales in this industry coming from a mobile device.

Mobile optimization is an absolute must. The theme you choose needs to be responsive and work effortlessly on a mobile device.

High speed

Shoppers are not going to wait around for your website to load. If your load time exceeds 3 seconds, more than half will abandon it. There’s a reason why they say patience is a virtue, not many of us have it! And it pretty much goes out the window when it comes to loading web pages. That’s why you’ll need a speedy theme to capture every visitor that comes to your store.

Quick buy options

The impatience of shoppers isn’t just limited to how fast your store loads, they also want to be able to purchase with great speed. In fact, 47% of online shoppers prefer speedy purchases over a selection of items. This is even greater among Millennials and Gen Z shoppers with 57% prioritizing this.

Most digital fashion consumers fall into the Millenial and Gen Z age bracket, so quench their thirst for an easy purchasing process with quick buy options.

Variant pickers

Moving on to more fashion-focused features, a variant picker is something your store definitely needs. The clothing items you’re selling will more than likely come in a range of colors, patterns, and textures. They’ll also come in different sizes, some of which may not be available.

variant picker on fashion ecommerce store | shopify theme for fashion stores | best shopify theme

Variant pickers for product size when clicking Quick Add on Sage + Paige.

With variant pickers such as color and size swatches, shoppers can instantly see if their desired size or shade is available without going to the product page. This will go a long way in reducing friction and frustration.

Customer reviews and ratings

Simply saying your products are the best and of excellent quality is no longer enough. Consumers want genuine proof that this is the case which can come in the form of customer reviews and ratings.

reviews influence online purchanse statistics

(Source: Search Engine Journal)

Having a built-in capability for product reviews in your Shopify theme will help build trust in your brand from the get-go and thus generate more sales.

Customizations and flexible visual builder

To help your brand’s identity shine through, the theme you choose should make it easy for you to customize different elements of your store. This can be in terms of typography, color scheme, layout, and more without needing to touch code.

Additionally, to get your store off the ground quickly, you’ll want a visual builder that uses a drag-and-drop interface.

Best Shopify Themes For Fashion Stores

Now that your expectations have been set, let’s get into the best Shopify themes for fashion stores.

Best Free Themes For Fashion Stores in Shopify Theme Store

Dawn: Best For Newbies

Standout features:

  • Quick and simple set up
  • Media focused
  • Mega menu

If this is your first go at building a Shopify store, Dawn is the theme for you. There are minimal steps to building your store with this theme, so you can get your store up and running in no time. What's more, the drag-and-drop sections, and blocks allow you to bring your design vision to life without needing to touch code.

A hurdle online fashion consumers face is getting a real sense of how products look, feel, and fit. With Dawn’s minimalist design and media-focused product pages, your items will take center stage. Visitors to your store can capture every detail of your products with the zoom and image rollover features. You can also add lots of useful content to your product pages like videos, size charts, and reviews.

Another great fashion-focused feature of Dawn is the lookbook. These stylized lifestyle photo collections act as a beacon of inspiration, guiding shoppers to see how your products fit together and in a real-life context.

dawn theme shopify | best shopify theme for fashion store

Dawn theme on Runners Athletics

Expanding your basket size and driving more purchases is also made easy with the Dawn theme. Customers can instantly checkout with quick buy, related products can be displayed on product pages, and you can add a section for cross-selling.

Phoenix: Best for Responsive Design

Standout features:

  • Mobile optimization
  • Reviews & ratings
  • Custom forms
Best Shopify Themes To Drive Conversion

HulkApps designed the Phoenix Shopify theme to be feature-rich, visually striking, aesthetically pleasing, and dynamic while offering swift navigation to the checkout process for novice and tech-savvy customers.

The Phoenix Shopify theme ensures its templates are responsive, regardless of device screen size variations. With optimized load time performance, this Shopify theme can provide exceptional SEO results while supporting sales through social channels in the marketplace.

It is suitable for selling apparel and accessories for women, men, and children, offering a plethora of features that reflect a genuine brand identity.

Some standout features include an efficient mega menu for easy clothing category display and navigation, product recommendations to enhance discoverability on product pages, product tables for seamless comparison and visibility, a customizable product gallery for showcasing collections in grid-style or lightbox formats like portfolios or lookbooks, and custom forms on product pages to gather customer information, enabling the creation of tailored marketing strategies.

Explore HulkApps' library of free themes and discover the perfect one to transform your online store.

Colorblock: Best For Large Stores

Standout features:

  • Mega menu
  • Flexible elements
  • Quick view

Colorblock can instantly give your store the wow factor. Its vibrant and eye-catching design brings a sense of excitement but also has plenty of white space to avoid it being overwhelming. It’s a great proponent of visual storytelling with images being a focal point throughout its design.

colorblock shopify theme | best shopify theme for fashion store

This free theme was built with larger stores in mind. It comes with an expandable mega menu that helps you organize and highlight a diverse range of collections without overloading customers. You’ll also have access to some advanced filtering capabilities that help shoppers sift through your store with ease. Should you need more complicated filters like metafields and tags, Boost Product Filter and Search can lend a helping hand.

Colorblock is good if you’re quite particular about the look and feel of your Shopify fashion store but also have a tight budget. Considering that it’s a free theme, you’ll still find a decent number of flexible elements that can be added or customized code-free.

Some other notable features include quick view, quick buy, product recommendations, reviews, size charts, and product videos.

Best Paid Themes For Fashion Stores in Shopify Theme Store

Symmetry: Best For Customizations

Price: $320

Standout features:

  • EU translations
  • Variant pickers
  • Highly customizable

This top-selling theme is packed full of conversion-boosting features for fashion stores. Right out of the box, Symmetry will equip your store with color swatches, a stock counter, and translations to French, Italian, Deutch, and Spanish. Your store promotions will also be front and center with the ability to add in-menu promotions, pop-ups, sales badges, and banners.

Large stores can benefit greatly from breadcrumb navigation, an extensive mega menu, a long-form homepage, and fast performance. But what’s best about this theme is the level to which you can customize it.

symmetry theme shopify | best shopify theme for fashion store

Roark makes use of the theme’s mega menu, EU translations, and multicurrency

The theme designs are super adaptable, allowing you to arrange content in the exact way you want it. As Symmetry uses a drag-and-drop system, creating a bespoke Shopify fashion store couldn’t be easier.

Impulse: Best For Promotions

Price: $350

Standout features:

  • Customizable promotions
  • EU translations
  • Variant pickers

Impulse is a clean and sleek Shopify theme for fashion stores. If your business has an extensive promotions strategy, you’ll find this theme extremely handy. It packs a punch with powerful promotions that are fully customizable. These can be added to your store’s homepage, collection pages, in addition to the footer and promotions banner.

The features found in this theme are based on Fortune 500 retailers, so you can be certain that you’ll have everything you need to compete with the best. Some notable features of this theme include columned menus, subcollections, countdown timer, EU translations, size charts, and variant pickers.

impulse theme shopify | best theme for shopify fashion store

Visitors to the Kappa store can see available sizes and instantly add to cart by clicking on the preferred size.

Find out more: Shopify Impulse Theme: A Complete Review & All You Need To Know

Best Third-Party Shopify Themes For Fashion Stores

Ella: Best All-Rounder

Price: $89

Standout features:

  • Lots of layouts
  • Customizable blocks
  • Good cart features

Ella has the look and feel of a trendy fashion store. Its modern, eye-catching, and responsive design is sure to turn heads on every device.

With this theme, you can have your fashion store ready in no time, looking just the way you’d like it to. There are over 17 homepage layouts, 7+ layouts for category pages, 10+ options for product pages, and 5+ collection page layouts, so you’re sure to find your perfect match. Even better, you’ll find multiple pre-made blocks and custom blocks for every page so you can let your creativity run wild.

elle theme shopify | best shopify theme for fashion store

Ella has tons of features that are not only super cool but also super useful for engaging shoppers and drawing out purchases. A countdown timer can be added to product pages, more life can be given to your items with 3D models and videos, Tik Tok videos can be added, and it supports multiple currencies. This lessens the need to download apps and impedes site speed. You get so much right out of the box!

This theme also has impressive cart features that are guaranteed to make purchasing an easy and convenient process. It has a sticky and pop-up AJAX cart where product recommendations can be added, a drop-down cart feature, direct cart editing for customers, and one-click checkout.

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Flex: Best for creativity

Price: $495

Standout features:

  • Custom CSS on any section
  • Flexible layouts
  • 13 pre-made templates

Flex is said to be the most configurable Shopify theme out there. The theme aims to remove the confines of traditional themes by offering endless configurations and complete control over settings. To delve into how this theme can be a game-changer, enabling you to create a unique online store that truly embodies your brand's identity, explore this Flex Shopify Theme review. This makes it a lot easier to build a unique website for your fashion store. To delve into how this theme can be a game-changer, enabling you to create a unique online store that truly embodies your brand's identity, explore this Flex Shopify Theme review.

If you’re comfortable with coding or working with someone who is, your creativity can really shine through with the Flex theme. Custom CSS can be added to any section within the theme editor and the layouts are flexible. So, if you’re a merchant that’s been really struggling to bring your store image to life with other themes, Flex is your go-to.

shopify flex theme | shopify theme for fashion ecommerce

Thread & Supply used Flex to build a content-driven homepage, and collection pages with variant pickers and badges.

Flex offers 13 pre-made templates to help you build your online fashion store quickly. You’ll also find a mega menu, hero images and videos, quick buy, variant pickers, in-menu promotions, reviews, and a currency converter.

Get Your Shopify Fashion Store Off The Ground

The path toward building the fashion store of your dreams starts with a great theme. The theme you choose will wholly depend on your budget, design vision, the size of your store, and your technical abilities. Fortunately, there is a theme to suit fashion brands in all types of situations.

All of the themes we’ve mentioned contain all of the capabilities a successful fashion store needs. Plus, they’re all compatible with Boost Product Filter & Search, so you can bring first-class filtering and search capabilities to your store. Which theme will you be using?

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June 25, 2024
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