Prestige Theme Review: A Look At The Top Popular Shopify Theme

Ellie Ho
Jun 7, 2024
3 min read

The Shopify Theme Store boasts 100+ themes, both premium and free. While free themes can be great for store owners on a budget or those getting their eCommerce vision off to a start, premium Shopify themes offer tons of features of immense benefit.

Prestige is one of the most popular and best Shopify themes for conversions. In this article, we’ll take a deep dive and give a thorough review of this theme so you can decide whether Prestige is the right theme for your store.

A Quick Introduction To The Shopify Prestige Theme

Prestige is a premium theme created by the French design and development studio Maestrooo. As the name suggests, Prestige offers a high-end and luxurious aesthetic that puts products and editorial content in the spotlight thanks to its minimal and clean design. This hugely popular Shopify theme is a pick for tens of thousands of merchants and has over 500 reviews, with 90% being positive.

There are 3 presets merchants can choose from; Allure, Couture, and Vogue. Each provides a slightly different layout for the homepage, navigation, and product pages and has varying color tones and fonts. These are customizable and work as suggestions rather than explicit designs.

The price of the Prestige theme sits at $320, putting it on the higher end of the scale for paid Shopify themes but totally worth the investment.

What Features Does The Prestige Theme Have?

The Prestige theme is filled with conversion-boosting features that Shopify stores can’t do without. Let’s take a look at and critique some of the most important ones.

Mega menu

This is an essential feature for stores with a large and diverse product catalog. It helps to enhance a shopper’s navigation experience by displaying a variety of collections in a clean and palatable way.

mega menu on prestige shopify theme

The mega menu in Prestige allows you to create several columns for each of the main menu items you have. When hovered over, this will display in a dropdown style, and you can add up to 2 images within the menu.

It’s pretty simple to create. You just need to make sure you set up a 3-level structure in the native Shopify menu interface. Then, in the theme editor, click on the Header section and select Add mega menu. After that, name the menu item as one of the first level items you want to create a mega menu for.

A limitation of the mega menu is image placement. If you want images to appear somewhere other than the right-hand side of the menu, you’ll need to fiddle with the code.

Shop the look

Prestige gives Shopify merchants up to 3 spots for product highlights within the look. It makes use of image hotspot linking, which lets shoppers click on highlighted products to bring up product details and a button to view the product page.

shop the look feature on prestige shopify theme

This is a popular feature on top fashion and home decor stores as it gives products a more true-to-life context and creates a smooth discovery experience. You’ll be up to par with some of the best in your category by using the Prestige theme. That being said, if you’re using this feature on the homepage, it’s recommended that you include it only once, as Shopify limits the number of products per page to 20.

Enhanced promotions

Prestige is best for conversions as it puts emphasis on promotions.

molteni uses prestige shopify theme to display newsletter-pop-up

Newsletter pop-up on Molteni & C

Offers or newsletter sign-ups can be placed front and center with pop-ups. This setting is disabled by default so you’ll need to enable it in the Sections tab. There you can choose the position of the pop-up, its content, and how often it comes up. Unfortunately, there aren’t other customizations for pop-ups that you can do without coding knowledge.

Promotions can also be highlighted in your store’s menu using the menu image feature. Furthermore, you can add product badges to images on the homepage and collection pages to show that they are on sale.

Product page media

A great feature of this Shopify theme is the image slideshow on the product pages. As shoppers scroll on the product page, each image in the slideshow is brought up. This is super handy as research has shown that users often scroll past slideshows and end up only seeing the initial image.

You’re also able to bring some life to your items with product videos.

Color swatches

product option swatches of prestige shopify theme

Cricket Web uses images to depict variants

Swatches are useful when it comes to visually displaying products with varying colors or textures. Prestige theme allows small images or block colors on any page that features products. This creates a much more convenient experience for visitors as they can have a quick look at the product variations.


timeline feature on shopify prestige theme

A cool feature of Prestige is the Timeline section. This allows you to effortlessly build a rich story about your brand and its evolution. It’s an excellent way to foster a connection with shoppers as it humanizes your brand and helps customers gain a better understanding of what your brand is all about.

Product Reviews, Recommendations, and Recently viewed

Prestige also helps merchants propel product discovery and foster trust with product recommendations, recently viewed items, and reviews built-in.

As this is an Online Store 2.0 theme, it comes with the Product Reviews by Shopify app. This allows customers to rate and review items on product pages, and include star ratings for your products. If you have some feedback on your products already, they can be imported via a CSV file. A drawback of this feature though, is that it’s not possible to send automated emails that encourage customers to leave a review.

Product recommendations can be displayed using Shopify’s recommender algorithm or they can be handpicked by you.


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Slide-out cart

Adding products to cart is a smooth process that does not disturb the browsing and shopping process.

omaj prestige theme slide out cart

(Source: Omaj)

On product pages, as shoppers scroll the add-to-cart button remains in view. Once it is clicked on, the shopping cart slides in to give instant confirmation that it has been added. This creates a frictionless experience as customers won’t be thrown onto another page for the shopping cart. Rather, they can seamlessly continue shopping and have more authority over their experience.

In-store selling features

Last but not least are some capabilities for store owners that have a physical store.

Although the pandemic may be fading into a distant memory, it did leave some lasting effects on the eCommerce industry. Buy online pick up in store (BIPOS) has gained huge popularity since 2020. Even as we settle into 2023, shoppers still intend to use it. Globally, the BIPOS market is expected to increase by 19.3% which makes it an important option for eCommerce stores.

With Prestige, you can offer the option to pick up products in-store and include a store locator so your customers can find their nearest store with ease.

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What’s Great About The Prestige Theme?

If it wasn’t obvious already, one of the best aspects of this Shopify theme is the wealth of features it comes with.

Usually, merchants would need to install a heap of apps to get features that enhance the shopping experience. The downside of doing this is not only will you be forking out extra cash, but you’ll also slow down the speed of your store as your app list grows. Instead, Prestige theme is already equipped with conversion-boosting features right out of the box, so you can save your cash for apps that have a highly tangible effect on the shopping experience.

One such app is Boost Product Filter and Search. This app will take product discovery and search to the next level with features like typo tolerance, search suggestions, powerful filter options, searchandising, and reports. Plus, it’s completely compatible with the Prestige theme which means it’ll fit snugly and fault-free with your store.

The default design of Prestige also guarantees that your products take center stage and allows you to build a rich story around your brand. We’ve also found that navigation is a breeze on all devices, particularly as the mega menu turns into an expandable sandwich menu on mobile devices.

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What Drawbacks Does The Prestige Theme Have?

A setback of the Prestige theme is that customizations are a little limited. Quite a few store owners lament the fact that the product pages aren’t customizable enough in terms of the collapsible tabs and the sections that are available. Certain general design aspects are also not fully customizable, such as opting for a shape or motif for the background rather than solid colors.

Another drawback is that the theme is wildly popular and has a distinct look. This would be a problem for store owners that want to easily build a truly unique store, especially as the customizations are lacking slightly. This means you’ll need the help of a developer or page-building app to make your store more unique.

What Types Of Shopify Stores Should Use Prestige?

The stores that would benefit the most using the Prestige theme fall into one of three categories:

  • High-end, luxury brands
  • Fashion and beauty stores
  • Stores that have rich brand stories to tell

Let’s take a look at how some stores are currently putting this Shopify theme to good use.

High-end, luxury brands

Ring Concierge

Ring Concierge puts the spotlight on their products with large image tiles for products and collections.

Ring Concierge use prestige shopify theme

Molteni & C

Molteni & C use image hotspot linking to help customers discover products in a more natural setting.

Molteni & C use image hotspot linking on prestige theme

Fashion and beauty brands

Dora Maar

Fashion store Dora Maar has lots of editorial content that humanizes the brand and connects with customers. With Prestige it’s able to highlight the array of content with ease.

dora maar prestige theme editorial content

Nourish Organic

The clean aesthetic of this Shopify theme complements an organic skincare brand like Nourish Organic.

nourish organic apply prestige theme

Rich brand stories


Large, high-quality imagery and videos are used throughout the Floraïku alongside captivating copy. The brand is able to effectively pair visual storytelling with editorial content to convey its identity.

Floraiku use prestige theme for visual storytelling

Final Thoughts

Getting your brand to convey a touch of luxury and bring your products right to the forefront couldn’t be easier when you use the Prestige theme. It does a great job at helping brands connect with their customers and provides a fluid shopping experience. It’s easy to see why this is one of the best Shopify themes on the market and why it’s trusted by so many businesses. Despite its slightly lacking customizations we still believe it’s a theme that lots of Shopify merchants will find huge success with.

Ellie Ho
Content Marketing Specialist
June 25, 2024
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