[Infograhic] Uncover The Difference Between Boost AI Search And Shopify Advanced Search

Ellie Ho
Jun 7, 2024
3 min read

Searching, whether on a public search engine like Google or in a storefront search box, is the quickest way to eCommerce conversions. The importance of site search, internal search, or eCommerce search is reinforced in an extensive range of studies. The most impressive statistic we can demonstrate here comes from eConsultancy, indicating that effective site search can boost conversion rates by up to 50%.

That's why choosing the right site search tool can make or break your online empire.

Why it takes a lot of factors to decide which is the better, we want to give you an overview of two most popular site search apps on the Shopify app store: Boost AI Search & Discovery and Shopify Search & Discovery. In the scope of this blog post, we'll take into account the search feature only. If you want to see the differences in terms of Product Filter, Product Recommendation, and Merchandising, land your attention here.

Shopify Search: A Free Solution For Starting Businesses

If you create a new store on the Shopify platform, the Shopify Search & Discovery app will be automatically installed on your store. As it is within the "made by Shopify" circle, you won't have to pay anything for using it.

In our opinion, the Shopify app does well with the basic search and a low level of advanced search. It has enough capabilities to handle simple queries like prefix search, typo tolerance, and manual synonyms.

boost vs shopify site search for ecommerce stores

Things A Free Site Search Tool Doesn't Have

As it is a cost-free app, Shopify Search & Discovery has many critical limitations.

First, it lacks the power of AI. With the advent of ChatGPT, "AI" and "AI-powered search" have become the buzzwords of this year. Probably, they will remain in the headlines for many more years to come. Consumers, exposed to advanced AI technologies, will get used to conversational searches using natural language and long-tail queries as a result. The basic keyword-matching algorithms behind the Shopify advanced search engine will soon become outdated.

Second, customization in Shopify Search & Discovery is difficult for non-tech-savvy users. A unique selling point of Boost AI Search & Discovery is the unlimited space for customizing right within the app dashboard. Our merchants can tweak the search relevance by changing the weights of searchable properties. They can also use Synonyms (manual settings and AI auto-recognition), Stop words, Redirects, Suggestion Dictionary, Search Merchandising, and Scoped Suggestions to control the results and align the result order with the business goals.

Last but not least, Boost AI is far better at handling no result cases. You can choose to display customizable search tips, popular search terms, and trending products when no products are found for a search. This helps keep customers on your eCommerce websites and draw their attention to other high-performing products.

boost vs shopify storefront search

The Decision Is Yours

As we said earlier, there is a myriad of factors to consider when picking a third-party search solution for an online store. At different stages of the store growth, you may need a different app too.

What remains constant is site search is a vital component. Therefore, take your time and try several apps yourself to see which one makes the best fit. We always offer a 14-day FREE trial for all Shopify merchants, so get the app NOW!

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Ellie Ho
Content Marketing Specialist
June 17, 2024
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