How Was Your BFCM 2023? Here Is Boost AI's Impact On Our Merchants' Stores

Ellie Ho
Jun 7, 2024
3 min read

Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) of 2023 has passed, and we guess this annual shopping extravaganza had set the tone for the holiday season on your online empire.

With the rush of Shopify merchants to carry out the biggest promotion of the year, Boost AI Search & Discovery also prepared the best service and infrastructure to meet the traffic and sales spikes of BFCM. Our state-of-the-art site search, merchandising, recommendation, and product filter had helped facilitate online experience on nearly 14,000 Shopify stores, and played a pivotal role in shaping their success.

From November 23 to 28, Boost AI not only enhanced the shopping experience for millions but also drove remarkable sales and conversions for e-commerce stores. Here’s a breakdown of our app’s impact, by the numbers:

Lightning-Fast ServerResponse Times

  • Average Server Response Time: 0.03 seconds
average server response time

In an era where speed equates to customer satisfaction, our app stood out with an average response time of just 0.03 seconds. This exceptional performance meant that shoppers could find exactly what they were looking for almost instantaneously, leading to a smoother and more efficient shopping experience.

Unprecedented Sales and Orders

  • Total Orders Generated by App: 198,146
  • Total Sales Generated by App: USD 660,284,989.3
total orders during bfcm 2023 of boost ai search and discovery

Boost AI Search & Discovery was instrumental in generating a staggering 198,146 orders, contributing to total sales of over 660 million USD. This figure not only highlights the efficiency of our search and filter system but also underscores the trust that both retailers and shoppers place in our technology.

total sales generated by boost

Impressive Conversion Rates

  • Conversion Rate: 17.72%
average conversion rate during bfcm 2023 of boost ai search and discovery

A conversion rate of 17.72% is a testament to the effectiveness of Boost AI in not just attracting visitors but converting them into paying customers. This is significantly higher than the industry average, indicating the app’s ability to precisely match user intent with the right products.

Significant Average Order Value

  • Average Order Value: USD 3,332.32
average order value during bfcm 2023 of boost ai search and discovery

The average order value (AOV) of USD 3,332.32 during BFCM 2023 speaks volumes about the quality of leads generated by our app. Customers weren’t just buying; they were making substantial purchases, reflecting the app’s ability to showcase high-value products effectively.

Remarkable Revenue Per Visitor

  • Revenue Per Visitor: USD 2,898.38
average revenue per visitor during bfcm 2023 of boost ai search and discovery

Perhaps one of the most striking statistics is the revenue per visitor. At USD 2,898.38, it indicates that Boost AI not only drew in a high volume of traffic but also succeeded in guiding that traffic towards high-revenue actions.

A Catalyst for eCommerce Growth

The BFCM 2023 statistics paint a clear picture: our site search, recommendation, merchandising, product filter solution is more than just a tool; it's a catalyst for e-commerce growth. The numbers represent the impact our app had on the bottom line of eCommerce businesses.

By delivering rapid responses, driving substantial sales and orders, achieving high conversion rates, and increasing the average order value, Boost AI Search & Discovery has proven an indispensable asset for e-commerce stores aiming to thrive in the competitive digital marketplace.

As we move forward, we remain committed to innovating and enhancing our app to continue providing exceptional value to our clients and their customers. The future of eCommmerce is bright, and with Boost AI, businesses are well-equipped to capitalize on its potential.

Let's embrace success with Boost AI Search & Discovery app – where seamless navigation meets soaring revenue. Install the app and enjoy a 14-day FREE trial NOW!

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Ellie Ho
Content Marketing Specialist
June 17, 2024
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