30+ Deals From Shopify Apps For Merchants To Gear Up This Year's BFCM

Ellie Ho
Jun 7, 2024
3 min read

5 weeks until the biggest sales of the year, customers are already planning their holiday shopping. We're sure you and all the Shopify merchants out there are working against the clock to prepare the promotions, inventory, logistics, etc. To help you get the best preparation and, at the same time, save the most during this BFCM, we have compiled a list of top Shopify apps' deals this year. More than 30 apps covering 6 categories with up to 50% discount, exclusive for Shopify merchants and readers of Boost blog.

This blog is a summary of all the deals we have with our lovely partners. So click below to visit the landing page to know the terms and conditions as well as how to get the offer.

shopify app store partner deal bfcm

#1 The BIGGEST Deal From Boost AI Search & Discovery

Search, recommendation, merchandising, and filtering are effective tactics to tackle online product discovery. It can help you keep customers stay longer on your online store longer, showing them the best among what you have or helping them find what they need with ease. The more satisfied shoppers are, the more likely they are to convert.

That's why you should have a search and discovery app. Powered with AI, Boost 3.0 is the best one in terms of functionalities and pricing you can find in the Shopify App Store now. To support merchants with holiday sales, we are running the BIGGEST discount of the year: 30% OFF all plans within 6 months. Only in the last 2 weeks of Oct 2023. Apply the code and enjoy the app now!

bfcm 2023 black friday shopify deal

#2 Top Deals For Shopify Localization Apps

International shopping is rapidly becoming a standard practice. For Shopify sellers looking to enhance their presence in foreign markets, integrating multi-language features using an app is a strategic decision for this BFCM. We have here 2 of the best Shopify Localization Apps

  1. Langify: 20% OFF LIFETIME
  2. Transcy: 20% OFF or 1 month FREE
shopify localization app deal

#3 Top Deals For Shopify Product Review Apps

Product testimonials play a pivotal role in transforming a site visit into a purchase. Such endorsements are so influential that introducing just one testimonial to a product page can lead to a 10% uptick in orders. This rises to 25% with 30 testimonials and 37% when there are 100. Not only do these testimonials vouch for your product's quality and foster trust, but they also align well with Google's ranking mechanism. Therefore, integrating product reviews into your Shopify store is a strategy that retailers ought to contemplate seriously.

If you don't have any Product Review apps on your store or you are thinking about switching apps, below are our top 7 suggestions. Not only are these apps the best in this category, but they are also offering a lot of promotions for Boost Blog readers.

  1. LAI Ali Review: 30% OFF LIFETIME
  2. Growave: 20% OFF until Dec 31st, 2023
  3. Trustoo: 30% OFF for the Basic Plan, 50% OFF for the Growth Plan
  4. Fera: 6-month FREE trial
  5. Okendo: 60-day FREE trial
  6. Judge.me: 45-day FREE trial of the Awesome Plan
  7. REVIEWS.io: 14-day FREE trial

#4 Top Deal For Shopify Product Label Apps

Adding labels or badges to product items is the best way to attract customers' attention. A product labeling app helps you achieve this within a few clicks. During BFCM, when many promotions are occurring simultaneously, a well-designed label will make it much easier for shoppers to navigate through your store. 2 biggest deals from top product label apps for Shopify are:

  2. BSS: 30% OFF in 6 months
product label app deals

#5 Top Deal For Page and Mobile App Builders

Page builders serve as platforms that offer comprehensive storefront customization options for individuals eager to venture into e-commerce but lack coding and design skills. Additionally, a mobile shopping app makes the customer journey consistent, facilitating engagement and checkout on portable devices, and boosting M-commerce sales.

Here are the top 7 Page and Mobile App Builders with exclusive deals this year.

  1. PageFly: 20% OFF LIFETIME for all merchants
  2. Gempages: 15% OFF for 3 months
  3. Vajro: 20% OFF LIFETIME
  4. Appbrew: 10% OFF for first payment
  5. Apptile: 30% OFF on annual plan
  6. Shopney: 60-day extended free trial
  7. Onemobile: 40% OFF on the GROWTH plan

#6 Top Deal For Shopify Marketing Optimization Apps

When it comes to holiday sales strategies, marketing and promotions are among the top priorities of all merchants. You have excellent products, and your discounts are attractive. But if your shoppers don't know about it, in other words, your marketing efforts are in vain, then your campaign will probably fail.

We have here 7 marketing apps covering email marketing, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, customer loyalty, advertising, and more to get your store known and heard.

  1. Avada Email & SMS: 20% OFF in 2 months
  2. UpPromote: 20% OFF until Dec 31, 2023
  3. ViralSweep: 4 months FREE on the annual plan
  4. Avada SEO: 20% OFF in 2 months
  5. Omega Two Owls: 15% OFF on the monthly plan or 30% OFF on the annual plan
  6. Joy Loyalty: 20% OFF in 2 months
  7. AiTrillion: FREE plan

Other Deal You Can Find On Our Listing Page

With 33 apps joining Boost AI Search & Discovery in this campaign, we also have product bundle apps, subscription apps, and many Shopify apps to manage inventory and returns.

  • SyncTrack: 30% OFF all plans
  • MBC Product Bundles: Use Pro Plan at Growth Plan price
  • LitExtension: 10% OFF
  • Loop Subscriptions: 2 months FREE
  • Fordeer: FREE plan, 7-day FREE trial
  • Address Validator Plus: 200 Order Addresses Validated for FREE
  • RichReturns: 10% OFF on the annual plan

Check out our listing page in order not to miss the best Shopify app deals for this BFCM! Also, have a look at the ultimate holiday selling hub to have the best preparation for the biggest sales of the year.

Ellie Ho
Content Marketing Specialist
June 17, 2024
6 min read