Why your Shopify store needs a product review app and Top apps to try (2021 updated)

Ellie Ho
Jun 7, 2024
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Product reviews go a long way in converting a visit into a sale. They are such a powerful persuasive tool that adding just one review to a product page results in a 10% increase in orders. This jumps to 25% when 30 reviews are added and 37% with 100 reviews. This is because not only do reviews verify the quality of your products and instill trust, they also work favorably with Google’s algorithm.

In fact, 60% of consumers are viewing online reviews at least weekly, and a further 93% state that it impacts their purchasing decision. As a result, including product reviews in your Shopify store is something merchants should seriously consider.

Let’s take a deeper look into the idea of social proof and how it can positively impact your Shopify store.

What is Social Proof?

Social proof is based on the idea that humans are inherently social creatures with a pack mentality. We look to each other to validate decision-making, particularly when we find ourselves in unfamiliar situations. The more we see that others are satisfied with their decision, the more likely we are to imitate that decision.

So how does this relate to online shopping? Traditionally, when making big purchasing decisions, or new purchasing decisions - say, buying a product from a retailer we are not familiar with - in the offline world, we would turn to our peers for recommendations as we trust their tangible experiences.

It is not always possible when it comes to eCommerce stores. We can not assume that all of our potential customers have people in their lives who they can turn to in order to verify our products.

This is where online product reviews come in, they fill that void of online stores by including the experiences of real customers, thereby garnering trust and increasing confidence. Online product reviews work so well in filling this void that 91% of 18-34-year-olds trust these reviews just as much as they trust recommendations from those close to them.

Something else the online world does not offer is the ability to sense and assess the quality of a product. A customer can easily evaluate the condition of an item by looking at and touching it whilst they are in store. They can even try on or test the product to further solidify its appropriateness.

This idea of testing or trying on is of particular importance to the fashion industry, with 62% of shoppers preferring to try on clothes before purchasing. eCommerce, unfortunately, strips away this vital component in consumer decision-making. Product reviews are responsive to this as they can aid in the assessment of product quality and fit.

The benefits product reviews give to customers are great in explaining why 63% of consumers are more likely to buy from a website that includes reviews and ratings.

Now that we can see how product reviews can be a vital tool in increasing trust and sales, it’s time to take a look at some of the best Shopify product review apps for you to add to your store.

Top Shopify Review Apps for you to try

Judge.me Product Reviews

Judge me shopify product review app

(Source: Judge.me)

  • Rating: 5 stars
  • Price: Free with limited features, $15/month for all features

This wallet-friendly, hugely popular app equips Shopify merchants with unlimited orders and request emails no matter which price plan they opt for.

Judge.me allows customers to leave reviews with text, images, or video displayed in a carousel, single page, or floating reviews tab. It features a Q&A section, instantly loaded reviews to increase the page speed. Also, it is fully customizable and gives customers the ability to share their reviews on social media instantly. Reviews can also be incentivized with ease as this app offers simple discount coupons and works with Loyalty Lion, Smile.io and Gameball should you already be using these apps.

Judge me spam filter for shopify product reviews

The Spam Dashboard uses AI to identify and filter out spam reviews.

A great feature of Judge.me is its ability to detect spam reviews and automatically allocate them to the spam dashboard for later assessment. 72% of consumers want retailers to take stronger actions to prevent deceptive or fake reviews. On top of this, 54% of consumers would not purchase a product if they suspect reviews to be fake. The spam filter, therefore, takes the necessary action to increase the trust in your reviews.

Ali Reviews

product review apps

(Source: alireviews.io)

  • Rating: 4.9 stars
  • Price: 7-day free trial with all features, from $9.90/month

No matter what type or size of the store you run, Ali Reviews can help you get customer reviews and leverage them to increase sales. Over 40,000+ Shopify store owners on Shopify love it, making it one of the most popular product review apps out now.

Ali Reviews includes 9+ rich review widget styles for showing customer reviews on all pages without code knowledge. You can change the review elements and the mood of each review widget to match your brand.


Stamped io shopify product review app

(Source: Stamped.io)

  • Rating: 4.9 stars
  • Price: Free 3-day trial, $119/month

This highly-rated app is great for Shopify merchants of all sizes and is used by well-known brands such as HBO and Colgate. Stamped.io allows Shopify merchants to display an array of user-generated content like photo and video reviews, community Q&As, checkout reviews, as well as the option to import reviews from Facebook, AliExpress, and Google Shopping.

The inclusion of Q&As is of particular use as 91% of answers to questions on product pages were not displayed in the original marketing copy. This demonstrates the lack of relevant information typically shown in product descriptions. Giving your customers the power to dictate product information will therefore ensure to provide a more complete view of your products.

This flexible app is mobile responsive, designed to work with any theme, and can be displayed on your store as a carousel, side drawer among others. You can also customize the tool so it fits with your brand image, offer discounts for reviews, and receive analytical data based on reviews.

Stamped io social share shopify product review app

Stamped.io allows customers to share their reviews on social media with beautiful smart banners.

Stamped io attributes review shopify product review app

Stamped.io is mobile responsive and gives the consumers the ability to review different product attributes.

This app also addresses the hesitancy customers might face when purchasing clothes online. Attributes like fit and waist can be added to the product review with ease. Additionally, customers can find relevant review information with ease using the Topics filter, and Product Groups which shares reviews between similar products.

Loox Product Reviews & Photos

LOOX shopify product review app

(Source: Loox Media Gallery)

  • Rating: 4.9 stars
  • Price: 14-day free trial, from $9.99/month

This image-driven review tool relies heavily on photos to beautifully display compelling product reviews. Using photos is a great way to convince customers into buying your products, particularly when it is clothing. It allows them to visualize how the item will look on them and assess the fit of such items.

Loox allows you to effortlessly encourage your customers to leave reviews with scheduled email campaigns based on delivery time or order status. Use these emails to offer discounts to incentivize leaving a review and give customers a nudge by reminding them.

LOOX shopify review apps display options

Loox reviews can be displayed in a range of compelling ways.

An add-on of this app is that it is mobile responsive, compatible with any Shopify theme and fully customizable.

Shopify merchants can also use Loox as a way to further engage with customers and build a human-like relationship through public replies to reviews. This can be used to thank reviewers for positive feedback or address any issue a customer may have had. A study by Harvard Business Review found that businesses who respond to customer reviews experience a 12% increase in the number of reviews coming in and slight increase in their overall rating. So, responding to reviews encourages more customers to potentially vouch for your products thereby driving your ratings even higher.

Reviewbit WhatsApp Reviews

reviewbit whatsapp

Source: reviewbit

Rating: 4.7

Price: Free to 99.99/month

Reviewbit helps Shopify sellers to provide post-purchase customer engagements via social messaging platforms such as WhatsApp. Stores can collect feedback on each order by sending an automated review request through instant messaging systems.

The app allows businesses to provide immediate customer service in response to negative reviews, upsell their products to satisfied or loyal customers, and increase sales through upselling and cross-selling products by sending offers and promo coupons while gathering feedback through chat platforms.

Reviewbit helps merchants retain current customers while also converting new ones into loyal customers, and assures 30% more results in collecting reviews than through email.


So today's Shopify ecosystem definitely requires a review request tool that brings a high conversion rate and trustworthiness in your customers at a time. Here is the best Shopify app which fulfils your review collection requirements.

Are you searching for a review request tool that collects reviews instantly without any hassle and without any wastage of time?.No more boring forms or e-mails that go into spam folders. Integrates perfectly with your existing Shopify Store Review Apps like judge.me, Loox, Stamped, and more! Supports multiple world languages also.

Fera Product Reviews App

Fera ai shopify product reviews


  • Rating: 4.9 stars
  • Price: Free to $99/month

Fera is a great app for eCommerce merchants from SMB to enterprise-level , offering four price points depending on the number of reviews and features you wish to access.

Review requests can be sent automatically, where customers can choose to provide a text/rating review, photo review, or video review. There are many options for incentives such as discount offers, loyalty points or cash-back.

A highlight of this app is the display of live shopper events such as recent purchases, recent add to carts, and recent reviews of the product a customer is viewing. This capitalizes on the idea of FOMO - the fear of missing out.

fera product review app using fomo
fera product review app using fomo 2

Fera allows Shopify merchants to incorporate FOMO into their marketing strategy in a myriad of ways.

This is a phenomenon that has been swept up by millennials, with 69% of them claiming to have experienced this at some point. Additionally, 60% of millennial consumers said they made a reactive purchase due to FOMO. Displaying recent shopper activities shows that something is in high demand and has the potential to sell out soon, acting as a great motivator and final push towards a purchase.

Consumers also place a higher value on recent reviews - 74% of consumers surveyed by Bright Local required a review to be no more than a month old in order for it to influence their buying decisions. So, alerting potential customers of a recent review is likely to have a positive effect on an uncertain customer.

Yotpo Product Reviews & Photos

Yotpo shopify product reviews app

(Source: Yotpo)

  • Rating: 4.8 stars
  • Price: Free to $299/month

Yotpo is a well-regarded and trusted product review app used by fashion brands such as Steve Madden and Rebecca Minkoff.

Photos and videos can be added to your reviews as long as you opt for one of their paid options which starts at $19 per month. The paid packages also allow you to incentivize reviews through coupons, collect site and product reviews in one email flow, display reviews in a carousel, include Q&As, and integrate with Google Shopping.

All payment packages enable Shopify merchants to send review request emails, moderate reviews, and share reviews on social media.

yotpo shopify product reviews analytics

Yotpo’s powerful analytics tool allows merchants to spot trends and make wiser business decisions regarding their products.

A valuable feature of this app to Shopify merchants is the detailed analytics gathered from the reviews. Yotpo provides satisfaction scores according to the quality, value, fit, material and more, based on customers' written feedback. It also allows Shopify merchants to compare their results against similar businesses, thereby allowing you to spot opportunities for improvement.

With this rich customer data you can make smarter decisions concerning restocking and sourcing, which will go a long way in satisfying future customers with better products. This notion of using customer reviews to guide business decisions is so important that 75% of surveyed merchants analyzed Amazon reviews for this very reason.

Rivyo Product Reviews

rivyo shopify product reviews app

(Source: Thimatic)

  • Rating: 4.9 stars
  • Price: Free to $15.99/month

A reasonably priced and popular product reviews app used by over 7500 Shopify merchants, Rivyo comes with an array of features that will allow you to reap the rewards brought by customer reviews.

Rivyo lets Shopify merchants clearly showcase the best reviews from their customers with the testimonials feature.

The testimonial feature presents your store’s best reviews anywhere in your store, resulting in an immediate positive feeling that will alleviate the uncertainty encountered by new visitors.

Shopify merchants also have greater control over which reviews and questions are displayed on product pages. The dashboard for the Question-Answer module and All Review Listing gives you the power to approve or disapprove comments left by customers, meaning that only relevant and legitimate ones appear. This helps to enhance the quality of reviews.

Rivyo testimonials shopify product review apps

Rivyo gives Shopify merchants full control over their reviews and Q&A’s with its approval feature.

There are also a couple of features that have been recently added to improve the apps capabilities. Most notably, users of this app can now track the status of emailed review requests. This includes whether it has been sent, delivered, opened or clicked. With such analysis, you can glean the effectiveness of the approach you are using to collect reviews. Should the proportion of clicked emails dwindle in comparison to the amount of opened ones, maybe you’ll need to consider better incentives by offering a discount, for example.

Rivyo can help you import from Amazon and AliExpress, no matter which plan you are on, allowing you to build your social proof right away.

All plans come with unlimited reviews, however, photo reviews only work on paid plans which start at $5.99/month.

Opinew Product Review App UGC

Opinew star ratings shopify product review app

(Source: Opinew)

  • Rating: 4.9 Stars
  • Price: Free 14-day trial, $9/month

Opinew, AI Powered Review Management System for Shopify, is a well-trusted review app used by over 10,000 Shopify stores to boost conversions with compelling photo and video reviews.

This review app allows online merchants can convert customers with ease by building social proof through user-generated content from your past consumers. You can effortlessly send them review requests via emails, SMS, a QR code printed on the packaging, or from your historical orders prior.

Their review importer feature will let you pick the star rating and a number of product reviews, from popular online marketplaces including Amazon, Ali Reviews, eBay, and Oberlo. Your store will be full of customer feedback within minutes that creates a better customer experience and improves your conversion rates.

opinew reviews shopify product review app

(Source: Opinew)

Plus, store owners can customize various elements to fit your theme and branding, that bring your store a more professional and attractive look. The app allows you to change colors, font size, theme styles, language, and so on. Moreover, you are able to customize your review request emails so that you can keep a consistent tone of voice to your brand.

An easy installation with no coding required is another plus point, and you could install the app on the theme of your choice. Besides, it allows store managers to choose various widgets to set up across the store, for example, product review widget, product stars, collection stars, homepage review carousel, Ali reviews page, or reviews footer badge.

Stamped.io, Judge.me, Loox, Yotpo, Opinew and Rivyo can all be integrated with Product Filter & Search by Boost Commerce. This will provide your customers with the option to filter products based on their ratings, as well as the ability for you to display reviews and ratings throughout navigation.

Final Thoughts

Product reviews offer benefits to both your customers and your store. It eases the apprehension online consumers face in unfamiliar territory by leveraging social proof. This increased trust is guaranteed to raise the confidence consumers have in purchasing your products, which will undoubtedly improve your sales performance. What's more, the rich customer data you are able to receive by analyzing reviews is an excellent tool in raising your product and service quality.

Give one of these great product review apps a try and start taking advantage of the wonders of social proof.

Ellie Ho
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June 25, 2024
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